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Lucy Turns Pages: Tutoring Children During Lockdown

Tutoring Children During Lockdown

COVID-19 has resulted in the nationwide closure of schools. Consequently, then, many parents now find themselves faced with a brand new challenge. As such, this post may appeal to new readers (hi!) that wouldn't usually be interested in developing tutorship skills.

Homeschooling your child in a positive way is essential for getting through this difficult period in style. While it may sound like a daunting task, especially if you've already run out of ideas, you can quickly regain control. Here's how.

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Invest In Your Development
If you increase your knowledge on a subject, it's only natural that you will be in a better position to pass on the wisdom. Therefore, taking some time to learn more is essential.

This can take many forms. This ranges from English courses to reading your child's textbooks before teaching them the content. Either way, the added confidence boost should enable you to ensure that lessons offer value. Not least because you'll be able to answer any questions they have.

It's easy to forget the things you were taught decades ago. Freshening up your knowledge is one of the smartest things you can do. Aside from the homeschooling benefits, it'll help you play a more active role after the COVID-19 pandemic has been nullified.

Incorporate Outside Tutoring

A conscious effort to develop your knowledge helps greatly. Still, the generational shift means you may not be ready to support your son or daughter in every subject. Thankfully, outside help is available.

You can certainly wing it to a degree when teaching an infant. However, preparing them for exams like the 11 plus or GCSEs requires accurate teaching. It's the only way to provide your child with the best shot of getting the grades their academic capabilities deserve. Anything less would sell them short.

Besides, mixing things up rather than relying solely on you can work wonders. For starters, fresh energy can aid their engagement levels. Better still, it avoids any potential confusion stemmed from multiple subjects blending into one.

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Utilise Interactive Learning

Kids love technology. Better still, interactive programs allow them to learn at their own pace while also gaining instant feedback. The ability to understand where they've gone wrong makes a big impact.

Interactive learning doesn't have to come from software either. The Joe Wicks' PE classes have gained a lot of attention, and will make learning fun. Kids can let off some steam while parents can join in to add a family element. Plenty of other content creators have created online videos to teach other subjects.

A little research goes a long way. Ask friends or other parents for suggestions. Check magazine and newspaper sites for ideas. Or simply search for the appropriate content on Google. The benefits of adding versatility to the learning day are huge.

The Final Word

Lockdown regulations have changed many aspects of our lives, but you must not let it damage your child's education. Through the individual and outside support mentioned above, giving your child the tools to learn has never been simpler.

You can adjust the schedule accordingly. Still, it's vital that your child gets enough hours of learning under their belt. Do not forget it.

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