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Get Your Personal Health Check

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Get your personal health check

Personal health is a topic that a lot of people can find difficult to talk about but it is something that is really important and something that you should get checked. Many conditions do not have noticeable symptoms and if left untreated they can get worse and cause long-term effects. This is why you should get regular personal health checks to find out what is going on and if you do test positive, you can treat it now. Getting a test can be daunting but you can either not know and worry about your body or you can go and get tested and get treatment if necessary, without having to worry anymore. 

Many people find going to a clinic to be a terrifying task, waiting to be seen, not knowing what the results may be. Particularly at the moment, you may not want to go out and get tested. But it is important that you do. This personal health check literally takes 5 minutes and then it's done. You don't have to spend a long time getting tested.  

It tests for 10 of the most common conditions meaning that you can get all of these tested for in a quick and easy way. The labs are CLIA-Certified so they are trusted by hospitals and physicians in your area. This check is available widely in the US, with over 4,500 testing locations so you can find a centre near you.

All of your information is kept private and results are sent to you in 1-2 days which means that you don't have to wait long. If any of your results are positive you can have a phone consultation with a physician who will prescribe you medication if needed. 

You may be worried, or you may think that everything is probably fine but you simply never know what is going on inside. It is best to get checked as soon as possible and then you can continue living your life. 

If you're US based you can get $15 off your personal health check here.

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