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Lucy Turns Pages: The Blogger's Survival Guide E-book Review!

The Blogger's Survival Guide E-book Review!

This post contains affiliate links but all thoughts are my own and honest.

The Blogger's Survival Guide is a comprehensive ebook for bloggers, new and experienced. It covers a range of useful topics that all bloggers should know. Here are my in-depth thoughts on everything covered in this guide!

Who is the author?

This e-book is written by Nicola, a lovely blogger who has been blogging for over 12 years! Nicola has successfully monetised and grown her blog over the years and in this guide she shares everything that she has learned.

Chapter 1: Creating the right mindset

This chapter goes over what our brains tell us and how to go against them to create successful content, fight negative thoughts and achieve our blogging goals. I really liked some of the things that Nicola said in this chapter. I found the advice to be really helpful and positive. I am going to be applying what she has said to help me to reach my blogging goals!

Chapter 2: Creating killer content

In this chapter, Nicola discusses how to manage your blogging time so that you can create more in less time. As someone who spends way too long staring at blog things and is trying to optimise their time, I found this to be a super helpful chapter.

Nicola then goes on to discuss how to make clickable titles which I am definitely going to be implementing, particularly so that I can grow my Pinterest more! (If you're not following me on Pinterest, you can follow me here.)

We then look at how to structure a blog post and what you should be including in your post to make it successful. I've been working on my blog post structure lately so I found some useful points to implement in my posts here.

Chapter 3: Getting your blog noticed

This is something that I have been working really hard on lately. I've been mainly using Twitter and Pinterest to grow my blog. Nicola talks about the social media that she recommends and how she has grown some of them, including some useful tips on Instagram, a platform that I know a lot of us find very difficult to grow.

We then have some advice on SEO which is something that can be really difficult to know how to implement so these basic tips were a great little checklist to go through before posting a new post.

The next section includes apps that you should use for your blog and I honestly didn't know about some of these and I am now going to be trying them, anything that can make blogging easier and make my blog look better!

Chapter 4: Monetising your blog

This chapter talks about why there can be a negative image surrounding monetising content and the importance of statistics. Nicola then goes on to show us all of the different ways that you can monetise your blog and her amazing advice about how to implement them. I think it can be really difficult to work out how best to monetise and how to get those sales so I thought this was personally really useful to read about.

Chapter 5: Things no one tells you about blogging

This chapter covers dealing with haters and blogging burnout. I haven't seen anyone else talk about how to deal with these topics so I found it really interesting!

Chapter 6: Getting your blogging mojo back after a slump

I know that we all experience this from time to time. The finding it difficult to write a post, just staring at a blank page, not sure what to do next. Nicola gives some great advice on dealing with writer's block, coming up with new and unique ideas for your blog and how to be consistently productive as a blogger. I love how in-depth her advice is on these topics and after reading it I feel motivated and determined to keep writing and to be super productive. Her advice is really motivating and I just love how useful and comprehensive this whole guide is for blogging.

Final thoughts

I am an affiliate for this e-book but honestly I love this guide. It had some helpful things that I hadn't heard about before and it was packed full of really useful advice that I will be implementing for a long time on my blog. I know that I can now better optimise my time so that I am not spending all of my free time trying to work on and grow my blog, I can now use my time more productively so I can use this advice to grow my blog AND have more free time to do other things I love like reading.

I feel motivated and excited about blogging and growing my blog after reading this guide and I would highly recommend it for all bloggers, whether you are new or more experienced. You can get the book here.


  1. This book looks really useful to me as a blogger! So I'm definitely going to check it out ☕✨

  2. This book looks really useful to me as a blogger! So I'm definitely going to check it out ☕✨

  3. Looks interesting and worth giving a try, especially for someone starting out as a blogger. Great post, espeically chapter by chapter overview. Thanks

  4. This looks really interesting! SEO and getting my blog noticed is something I struggle with, so this looks super helpful - thanks for sharing!

    Take care,
    Sophie x

    1. It can be really difficult but it's helpful getting advice from experienced bloggers!