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Lucy Turns Pages: Improving Customer Experience During The Pandemic- Considerations For Business Owners

Improving Customer Experience During The Pandemic- Considerations For Business Owners

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There is no doubt that businesses have faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. As we continue to battle with a global pandemic, it’s crucial for companies to adapt and focus on providing a positive customer experience. If you’re looking for inspiration to keep existing customers happy and attract new clients, here are some considerations to bear in mind.

Embrace online shopping

Since lockdown measures were announced and consumers were encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, online sales have soared. Shopping online provides a safe alternative to going to physical stores, and it’s also quick and easy. If you didn’t already use the web to promote products and services or sell to customers or business clients, now is the time to embrace online shopping and capitalise on increased web usage. Research suggests that adults in the UK are spending around a quarter of their waking hours online. As a business owner, you can harness the power and reach of the web to increase sales and to provide a superior experience for your customers. Refresh, update and revamp your website, use social media to build a following and get in touch with existing customers via email and social channels to tell them all about the new buying options that are available to them. You could sell products online or you could offer options to place orders through an app or your website if you run a restaurant or a cafe that is serving takeaway food and drinks, for example.

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Offer virtual support

Businesses are going through a tough time, but the Covid-19 crisis has caused widespread disruption and uncertainty for customers too. At the moment, buyers are more likely to have questions and concerns, and this means that customer service and support are essential. If you were in a shop, and you had a query about a specific product or service, you could approach an assistant or adviser and have a chat. With most people based at home, this form of interaction is not viable. To adjust and adapt, businesses can offer virtual support through social media messaging, email enquiries and live chat. Research suggests that live chat is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more consumers rating it the top form of support. Live chat is quick and hassle-free, and it can function around the clock. For businesses, it’s hugely beneficial to offer interactive services like video chat to respond to queries rapidly and reduce the risk of losing sales outside of working hours. To learn more about video chat applications, click here. In addition, it’s a great idea to update your website to include news of any changes you have made as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and to add to your FAQ section.

Keep in touch

Communication is crucial for businesses at all times, but at the moment, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. Reach out to your customers, check how they are and let them know all about what you’re doing or what you’ve already done to keep them safe and to meet the challenges the pandemic has thrown your way. Keep the tone positive, offer reassurance and encourage shoppers to keep buying.

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The pandemic has created a raft of obstacles for businesses all over the world, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. To enhance customer experience at this difficult time, stay connected, offer virtual support and adapt buying options and marketing techniques to embrace online shopping and provide reassurance and peace of mind.

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