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Lucy Turns Pages: How To Make Your Reading Experience More Enjoyable

How To Make Your Reading Experience More Enjoyable

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Reading is perhaps one of the best hobbies and passions you can curate. It grants you insight, relaxation, amazing experiences far and wide, and can challenge you and your perspective on the world. Where else can you relate to people who live in vastly different circumstances to you as deeply as you can when reading that which they have written?

Reading is also good for your brain, helping you stay sharp between the ears, increasing your working and long-term memory, and also improving your vocabulary and communication skills. Regular readers are, on average, more likely to earn higher incomes, and are more likely to build focus and patience in their daily life.

More than all this, however, is that reading is fun! Going through a great book you enjoy can be even more pleasurable than playing a great video game or watching a brilliant movie, because it helps you relate to the characters and long-form plot more deeply than anything else. But what if you, a seasoned reader, wish to make your reading experience more enjoyable? Shouldn’t you be afforded that right?

We believe so. So - let’s see what differences you can enjoy going forward:

Track Your Reading

Tracking your reading can be a very great use of your time! It provides you with the means to keep on top of your reading, to rate the books you read, and to connect with people who may have similar tastes. Websites such as Goodreads, or perhaps even running your own blog, can provide you with this possibility. It can feel freeing, and quite enjoyable to partake in an effort such as this.

Not sure if you’ve read all or most of this series you hope to renew now a new Netflix-oriented television show is coming out? By tracking your past reading, you can understand just which novels may be worth a re-read or not. Tracking your reading can also help you set goals for yourself. Perhaps you hope to read twenty books this year, and know you won’t without a careful analysis of how much you read and what pace you’re on.

You don’t have to do this, of course. But it’s fun. And as far as we’re concerned, if you’re having fun, your goal of making reading more enjoyable is half-achieved.

Consider Your Reading Chair

Reading is not just a mental activity. You sit for long periods while reading, and so it’s best to invest in the chair you sit in during that time. Keeping a good posture can keep you alert, and it will help you feel comforted. It can help you read for longer periods without pain, and within having to curl up into odd-feeling physical positions for the sake of slouched comfort.

Now, do you need a chair that would stock the offices of a penthouse architectural firm in order to read well? Of course not. However, you can find that your reading chair is more appropriately geared to you if you invest in a stock, comfortable, yet erogonimc chair. A nice armchair or office chair can work well. In some cases, a sturdy bean bag chair can also be enough. If you enjoy a footrest, don’t feel afraid to invest in one.

It’s a false dichotomy to consider a spectrum between comfort and posture, and where on the line you should fall. Good posture is often the same as good comfort, and so doing your best to source a nice seating experience can make all the difference. You may total hundreds or even thousands of hours of reading over the years, so it’s best to do so in a manner that aids your health.

Read Outside Your Comfort Zone

You may wish to read Harry Potter for the fifth time, or delve back into the YA you adored as a teenager, and that’s perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with that at all. But it can be nice to read outside of your comfort zone from time to time, picking up books and genres that you may not usually read.

So, if you usually read romance novels, why not try reading a murder mystery, or some classic Greek philosophy? If you usually read Tom Clancy novels, why not read a romance story? Try something new. Dare yourself to try a new author. Go for the guilty curiosities you have. This will help you see just how much reading material is out there for those who may wish to engage with your work, and that can be a great idea.

Join A Reading Club!

Joining a reading club can be a great new pursuit. It can help you read books chosen by others that you may not have encountered yet, but it also gives you the means to discuss them and feel open and engaged regarding the ideas that are presented.

You might love a book, while someone else in the club may have hated it. This is good, it allows you to both discuss the book’s merits and failings, and that can help you texture your own perspective on the tale you were presented with. Joining a reading club can also help you defend your ideas more rationally, and this helps you understand what your tastes are.

The best part of all this? You don’t have to meet up in person in order to make the most of your reading community. With so many online chat options such as Zoom, Discord, Skype and more, you can regularly meet with people from all over the world to speak about the stories you love and wish to engage with. That’s a beautiful place to be.

Read Non-Fiction & Fiction Alike

Reading non-fiction and fiction can help you balance the different styles of comprehension and the purpose you read for. It can be a great idea to read the novels of a certain author, but it can also be enlghtening to read their memoir. For instance, ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King isn’t as terrifying as some of his great horror novels, but it can still provide you a great reading experience, helping to understand the formative ideas and years that allowed him to become a household name, in a genre often known for being undergrounds.

Reading non-fiction and fiction alike helps us come back to one of our prior principles - finding books that challenge you. The more you read a certain category of books, the better you will become at that, and that will begin to inform your further reading.

Write Book Reviews

Writing book reviews can be enjoyable! This can help you understand what you just read by getting all of your thoughts out there, and understanding it more than you might have done before. A little digesting time is a good idea after reading a book, because then you remember it more appropriately, and in the long run, you’ll have fonder memories of the entire experience.

It might be that when you write a book review, perhaps for your own blog or to share on Goodreads, you begin to see that the book is better or worse than you had thought. It might help you realize what your own tastes are guiding you towards, and more appropriately, where else they could go. Writing book reviews need not seem like a chore, and you don’t have to write one for every book you read. Just consider doing it because it’s fun. A 500 word summary is just as good as a multi-page treatise.

Write Your Own Short Stories!

Writing your own short stories can also be a fantastic use of your time. Why is this? Well, a beginner guitar player will begin to realize the amazing craft of the most famous guitarists when they have some familiarity with the practice.

This is the same way with writing. Writing can seem easy to those who read a lot, surely worthwhile sentence structure, vocabulary and forging an interesting narrative comes easy to those who enjoy this process? However, these efforts really do take time and energy to get right, and many revisions to truly streamline. Writing your own short stories helps you flex some of your own creative intent, but they also help you begin to understand the craft of writing, and appreciate it more and more. If that doesn’t help reading become more enjoyable, we can’t be certain what will.

Consider Your Reading Health

Consider your reading health. Are you in a comfortable, supported position? Are you reading in good enough light to prevent eye strain? Have you visited to wear your prescription well, to avoid straining your eyes further? Reading health can help you feel comfortable, engaged, and interested in the material you’re absorbing, without having to feel like you’re paying for the privilege. That can be a great place to start, no matter what kind of reader you are, nor how old, healthy, or impaired you may feel.

With this advice, we hope you can easily make your reading experience more enjoyable.

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