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Lucy Turns Pages: Fantastic Ways To Beat Writer's Block

Fantastic Ways To Beat Writer's Block

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Writer’s block is a dreaded condition for any wordsmith who has a deadline approaching. Whether you are trying to finish your next best-seller for an award-winning indy publisher or an overdue presentation for your business, writer’s block can stop you in your tracks and derail any chance of success. Here are five great ways to get your mind working again if you hit upon some writer’s block.

Take A Break

Everyone needs breaks. Taking a breath and stepping away from the computer or notepad might feel like the last thing you should do when you are under pressure to write. But even a quick fifteen minutes can help you tackle the task feeling rejuvenated and replenished. If you have a high-quality shower, such as Mira Showers, then go for a quick rinse. This might sound silly but evidence shows that doing a monotonous everyday task like taking a shower lets your brain go into autopilot. When your brain is in this state, the subconscious can freely explore problems, allowing you to daydream and come up with creative connections that might help you get over the paragraph you are stumbling on. 

Write Out The Bad Ideas

Renowned global best selling author, Dan Brown, said he was inspired by a conversation he once had with Steve Tyler from Aerosmith. Steve Tyler stated that the band would meet once a week and come up with only bad ideas. The session was called “Dare To Suck.” While most bad ideas might stay bad, there is always one or two that are brilliant. For instance, the chart-topping Dude, Looks Like A Lady. By writing out your bad ideas you may stumble across something that works. But if not, you will at least have a better idea of why some ideas won’t work, which will help you identify the one that will. 

Switch Your PoV

If you are writing fiction then try rewriting your last scene or chapter from a different point of view. Write it from the perspective of a character, or if you are already doing that, write it from the perspective of a minor character. The new way of looking at things might help you unlock new aspects of the story.

The same exercise is a little harder for more formal writing such as a report or a piece of journalism. But it is still possible with a little creativity. Write the piece as if you were your boss or a colleague. What would be the stuff they would put in that you might leave out and vice versa. Try to write it from a perspective that is different from your natural voice. 

Change Your Environment

If you have been staring at the same screen and four walls for hours then it is hard to get fresh inspiration. Take your laptop or journal and head outdoors. Sit under a tree and notice the world going by. Changing your environment gives your brain a fresh stimulus to make connections with.

Finally, remember that even the best writers suffer from writer’s block time and again. It is not permanent, and with some effort and patience, you will write beautifully again.

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