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Lucy Turns Pages: 3 Ways To Keep People On Your Website For Longer

3 Ways To Keep People On Your Website For Longer

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You've got a business website, but there's a recurring problem. You're finding ways to get people to land on the site, but they barely stay on it for more than a few seconds. If you're lucky, someone is on there for over a minute, but they always seem to leave.

Why does this keep happening?

Well, there are many answers to this question, but you can boil it all down to a combination of user experience and engagement. Or, specifically, a lack of both. If people have a bad experience on your site and aren't engaged, why would they stick around?

Thankfully, you can address this issue. While many changes might need to be made, here are three that will help the majority of business websites:

Improve page loading speeds

Right off the bat, you need to improve your page loading speeds. This is responsible for most people leaving after a few seconds. If your website takes more than around 3 seconds to load, people will leave. That's the way consumers are these days - they're used to getting things instantly, particularly when the internet is concerned. Keep your website as fast as can be, immediately reducing the bounce rate. 

Avoid lots of text

Think about why people visit your website. They're on your site because they might be interested in what your business has to offer. So, they want to learn more about your service and what you provide. Are they on there for page upon page of written content? No. It bores them to death, so they'll leave. Your website isn't a blog - that's what your business blog should be for! Save the long paragraphs and 500-word pieces for that section of your site. 

Instead, you should keep everything brief, while still getting vital information across. Utilising videos is such a smart way of doing this because video helps to engage consumers. They respond better to a two-minute video that gets all the information a 300-word paragraph would provide. The visual elements are more stimulating, keeping them on your site for longer. 

Improve the navigation features

A good website will be easy for people to get around. Consumers need to know what to click on to find what they're looking for. This is why menus are essential, as well as search functions. Adding internal links throughout any content also helps with the navigation features. If your site is a pain to get around, people won't stay for long. With your menus, be sure you create logical headings and pathways for people to go down. For example, let's say you sell clothes on your site, and a consumer wants a new shirt. The logical path is to have a menu titled 'Clothing', with drop-down menus showing different categories. There should be one called 'Shirts', and the user has found what they're looking for in a few seconds!

The longer someone stays on your site, the more likely it is that they'll buy something. Also, you learn more about the consumer, which helps if you need to retarget them later on. Start with these three tips to improve your site and keep people on there for as long as can be.

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