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Lucy Turns Pages: Animals in French: Learn French with me!

Animals in French: Learn French with me!

Hi everyone! I've been trying to teach myself French for a while and I thought it would be fun to create some blog posts as I go along to help myself study so I will be doing regular posts on French. If you'd like to see all of my posts check out my learning French page. Please note this is not a study guide, if I make any mistakes please let me know!

animaux- animals
un animal- an animal

un chat- a cat
un chien- a dog
un lapin- a rabbit
un rat- a rat
une souris- a mouse
un hérisson- a hedgehog
un oiseau- a bird
un pigeon- a pigeon
un canari- a canary
un hibou- an owl
un perroquet- a parrot
un poisson- a fish
une vache- a cow
un cheval- a horse
un canard- a duck
un cochon- a pig
un poulet- a chicken
un coq- a rooster
une poule- a hen
une chèvre- a goat
un mouton- a sheep
un âne- a donkey
un renard- a fox
un loup- a wolf
un pingouin- a penguin
un écureuil- a squirrel
un dauphin- a dolphin
une baleine- a whale

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