Animals in Polish

Hi everyone! I've been trying to teach myself Polish for a while and I thought it would be fun to create some blog posts as I go along to help myself study so I will be doing regular posts on Polish. If you'd like to see all of my posts check out my learning Polish page. Please note this is not a study guide, if I make any mistakes please let me know!

zwierzę- animal
pies- dog
kot- cat
mysz- mouse
ptak- bird
gołąb- pigeon
koń- horse
słoń- elephant
ryba- fish
lis- fox
kura- chicken
indyk- turkey
pingwin- penguin
wilk- wolf
koza- goat
owca- sheep
jagnię- lamb
krowa- cow
świnia- pig
lew- lion
wąż- snake
małpa- monkey
żyrafa- giraffe
krab- crab
homar- lobster
kaczka- duck
delfin- dolphin
wieloryb- whale
żaba- frog

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