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Lucy Turns Pages: 5 Tips to Help Your Business Stand Out

5 Tips to Help Your Business Stand Out

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Online businesses are getting more competitive by the day, so your business must stand out from the crowd, to survive.

Here are 5 top tips to help your business gain a competitive edge and thrive in the 21st century.
#1 Nurture your existing customers

Brand loyalty is at an all-time low, meaning your customers are more than likely going to go somewhere else. It is always beneficial to look for new customers to bring into your business, but it is just important to nurture the ones you already have. Find new ways to serve them, keep them interested, and continue to give them value. Too often businesses are focusing on new deals for their new customers, they neglect their existing ones who are easier to nurture into repeat business. Stand out by rewarding customer loyalty.

#2 Give outstanding customer service

Whether it is on the phone, email, or webchat, customer service is crucial. Customer service creates a lasting impression on your customers and can impact their buying decisions. Think about how customers feel and react after bad customer service. Not only do they move to a competitor, but they are also likely to slate you to friends, family, and on their social media platforms. As more businesses invest in chatbots, stand out by ensuring you are going above and beyond for every customer and provide a personalised experience.

#3 Be intentional with your actions

From your objectives and key results to your social media strategy, ensure that every action your business takes has intention and is aligned with your overall mission. Don’t just complete a task for the sake of it, for example, post a random caption on social media. This just makes your business like every other one out there and your customers will know it too. The key is in the small details. Actions with intention and effort will stand out much bigger in a saturated market.

#4 Give back

If your business is dedicated to its community and willing to give back to customers or local projects, not only will you impress customers, but you will also stand out from the crowd. Make sure you support a cause that fits well with your brand values and your customers, rather than just doing it randomly. Building a positive brand image is a bonus, but here you get to make a difference in your community and that is something a customer will remember.

#5 Think outside the box

Log onto social media today and you are guaranteed to see the same video from different accounts. The best way to stand out from the crowd while driving more customers is to create something unique. Rather than finding the hottest trends and copying your competitors, get creative and do something completely different. Even better, create a challenge that is unique to your business, that customers can try for fun and share on their social media platforms. This is a great way to get your customers involved which means they are more likely to remember you.

In a saturated market, it is not enough to just show up. You must take your thinking outside the box.

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