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Lucy Turns Pages: Things To Consider When Emigrating

Things To Consider When Emigrating

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Moving to a different country is a big deal. It is incredibly exciting but it also requires a lot of careful planning, over a long period of time. Preparing to move can start months if not years in advance as there will be a lot of admin involved that doesn’t happen overnight. To help you prepare for a move overseas or to give you a better idea of what it entails here are some key considerations to bear in mind.

Many Brits often opt to move to the sunnier climes of the Spanish Costas or to set up shop in the South of France. A move like this can often be complicated by the language barrier. Making an attempt to learn the language will stand you in great stead when looking to socialise with locals and become part of a community. What is more, learning the language will be of huge benefit when it comes to the administrative aspects of moving. Whether looking to buy a house or arrange your utilities speaking the language, or at least being able to understand elements of the language will pay dividends. That said when it comes to official or important documents, such as legal contracts in relation to property purchases, if you do not speak the language confidently it is always worth using legal translation services to ensure you fully understand the paperwork and know exactly what you are signing.

Legal translation services may also be required when obtaining and reading entry documentation and requirements such as visas and their imposed conditions. Especially in a post-Brexit world.


The NHS is a very unique service that countries around the world do not benefit from. You will need to research the healthcare provisions in the country you intend to move to. Do they offer state health care? If not, what are your options for private healthcare and how expensive is it? More often than not undertaking a specific private healthcare policy will be a visa requirement. If this is the case be sure to research what specifications the visa requires and be sure your policy meets them.


If you are moving with children education will be a dictating factor. Choosing the right school for your children will require a lot of consideration and research. If you are moving to a country where English is not the first language you will need to consider whether your children will benefit from attending a state school that teaches primarily in the native language. This can often be a fantastic way of immersing children in the new culture and helping them to learn the language quickly. They are also likely to be free. That said, be sure to research the quality of the education and the educational qualifications they offer.

Alternatively, you could opt to send your children to a private fee-paying, and often, international school. These schools are incredibly well regarding and children often leave school with exemplary exam results. Lessons are taught in English and, commonly, the Brisish education system is followed. That said, they usually come at a steep cost. International schools on the continent can be upward of ten thousand euros a year, per child.

There are those personal possessions and home comforts we might take for granted. The things you know and love about your homes, the things that make your home a home. These things simply cannot be replaced in another country. Find a transport company who can transport your prized possessions across the seas for you. Whether travelling to Spain or Australia and whether taking the entirety of your household contents or just half a container there will be shipping companies available to suit your needs. You can use comparison sites to find and compare the best deal for you.

The cost of living

Be sure to compare the cost of living in your new country to that of the UK. Brits commonly assume that the cost of living will be cheaper in other countries and are sorely disappointed when it is not the case. While some aspects of day to day life may be cheaper others won’t. It is worth weighing up all expenses and comparing them to life in the UK. Be sure to take any potential wages into account and whether these correlate to the cost of living.

Unless you plan on retiring you will need to consider the ramifications of seeking employment. You may need a work permit to enable you to seek employment, even if you work remotely. You may need to have your UK qualifications and or work experience assessed by the relevant authorities if, for example, you are a nurse. It may be that you require additional assessments to be able to meet the requirements of the country you seek to work in. Do some research around the types of work and employment prospects available and the remuneration they benefit from to ensure you have realistic expectations.

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