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Lucy Turns Pages: Reading & Stuff Update 3

Reading & Stuff Update 3

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to another reading and stuff update! See my previous update here.

I have now read volumes 1 to 3 of Giant Days! This is a comical graphic novel following 3 women in university and their dramatic lives and relationships. The first 3 volumes are free on Kindle Unlimited. Some of the volumes are on Scribd but I was experiencing weird formatting issues unfortunately so I've added the eBook versions to my wish list for now.

I finished reading The Midnight Guardians which was a very emotional read! It is set during World War 2 and we follow a child whose imaginary friends are real and they have come to help him save his sister from a raid but at the same time they are chased by an evil being who wishes to claim the spirit world for himself. This was a brilliant read and I would highly recommend it. The historical aspects were well researched and it really felt like you were experiencing these fantastical elements during the war. This is a new favourite for me.

I also read a short story on Kindle Unlimited by an indie author, called The Man and the Crow. I've been meaning to read this for a while and it was a really interesting and quick read.

We also got some new Ko-Fi members! If you are unfamiliar, Ko-Fi memberships are like Patreon where you can support creators and get rewards. One of the benefits my members get is ongoing promotion for their books, blogs or businesses. 

Have you been reading anything lately?

Thank you to my Ko-Fi members!~

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