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Lucy Turns Pages: Author Interview: MJ Hutto

Author Interview: MJ Hutto

1. Please introduce yourself (who are you, what genre/s do you write in, what books do you have out)

Hi, I’m MJ. I write Urban Fantasy/occult fantasy. The themes shift but the main one is a strong female lead who has trouble accepting herself. Found families, love, good vs evil, and heroism being small acts along with larger ones are also included. My current published works are Masquerade in Chaos (1 in Choosing Chaos Series), Chasing Chaos (2 in Choosing Chaos Series), and Chaotic Roots (A prequel Vella in Choosing Chaos Series/KableVerse).

2. What are your favourite books?

This question is always one of the hardest for me to answer as I’ve been enjoying books since I was old enough to understand. One of my earliest favourites was Marushka and the 12 months, a Slavic fairy tale. I also love Storm Front by Jim Butcher, Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie, Coraline and Stardust by Neil Gaiman, Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison, and Kiss the Girls by James Patterson. There are so many more but I love a series to fall in love with.

3. When did you know you wanted to be an author?

In middle school I started writing, around sixth grade. I’d have been around ten or eleven. I’d been telling stories for much longer but that’s when I realized I could write them down, make them last longer. Around fifteen I knew I wanted to share those stories. I didn’t think I’m going to be an author, I thought I bet so and so would like this one too.

4. What is your favourite part of the writing process? What is your least favourite and how do you get through it?

My favourite part is creating. Watching the characters walk across my mind, bloom, and interact with the world around them. My least favourite part is editing. You make it through the editing part so you can share the story with everyone else and they can see your vision too. The end justifies the means, and you just do it.

5. What is your writing routine?

I work twelve hour shifts in a busy place. On the days I’m working I come home, try to get a few sentences down and feel better. On my off days I write between other responsibilities. I’m still in love with writing and it’s therapeutic for me, so I read through the last few paragraphs I wrote and keep going. I don’t have a set routine, I take it as it comes, listen to good music, and write. I’m lucky to have a supportive partner and family.

6. How do you balance writing (and everything else to do with it) with the rest of your life?

I’m not sure. Some days you’re mired in psychological, theoretical, and literary muck, and some you’re baking cakes, playing with the littles, and laughing with family and friends. I just try to take it as it comes.

7. What inspires you? How do you beat writers block?

Everything, everything inspires. If I need to find my place, to find my way back to where I’ve been, music is the bridge. It takes me where I want to go, puts me in the right mindset, and helps me give my words the correct weight and meaning.

8. How do you keep consistent/write a lot?

I have more of a problem with not writing. Some days it feels compulsory, like the words need to get out, like they want to be free and if I don’t write them down, they’re going to rebel. It’s a feeling like when you have something important to tell your person and you’ve got to wait. It’s all you can think about and the anticipation is killing you.

9. Does anyone read or edit your work before publication? If so, how did you find them?

I use Upwork. It’s an app that connects you to all sorts of professionals for editing, writing, and other things. The editor I’ve used is Caryn Pine and she is AMAZING. She offers both editing and beta reader service. I love her and she give great input. I also have a small group of friends who read along as the stories unfold. It’s helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off and who know the story almost as well as I do. It’s also interesting to see where they think things will go as opposed to where the characters do.

10. Can we have a sneaky look at your future plans?

Yes!! I’m working on the sixth book for the Choosing Chaos series (I know there will be at least seven books, maybe more) and a new one that I’m planning to release as a Vella that takes place in the KableVerse but has a new main character. The new story is much spicier than Kable’s stories.

11. Finally, what advice would you give to other writers (inspiring, those publishing and those published)?

Write for yourself first. Write the stories of your heart and soul to make yourself happy. Then, when the work is ready, put it out there. My personal philosophy—if even one person loves it, enjoys it, connects with it then I’ve been successful. I would love to be an international best-selling author, but I’m good with touching one life at a time.

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