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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: The General's Wrath : and other short stories by Laura M. Austin Ft. A Coupon Code!

Book Spotlight: The General's Wrath : and other short stories by Laura M. Austin Ft. A Coupon Code!

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Title: The General's Wrath : and other short stories
Author: Laura M. Austin
Available on: Amazon - Smashwords - Barnes & Noble
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This book features five short stories. 

"Swindling Ulse" is a suspense filled story about a gang of thieves who want to take a dragon's treasure through stealth, rather than battle. Unfortunately, their actions bring down the wrath of a fierce dragon, but not on themselves. 

In "Hunting One Another", Manuel finds himself being stalked and is determined to turn the tables on the monster who attacked him. When he catches her, he faces a life altering decision. 

"The General's Wrath" takes readers under the sea and into the life of Amarah. She's a young mermaid who is finally old enough to explore the seas, but what she finds horrifies her! Trash and chemicals are killing the ocean and she knows exactly who is to blame. She seeks help from many other creatures, including one that is least expected. She must decide- declare war, or go back to the deep ocean trenches of her birth and hide. 

May is desperate for a job in "The Applicant". She knows there's something not quite right about her possible employer, but can she afford to walk out on a great opportunity? Predators hunting their prey is a story as old as nature itself. 

In "Predator", it isn't clear who is preying on whom. It's a determined gold-digging woman vs a hungry Incubi. Maybe they've both met their match!

Author bio
Laura has been previously published in many online and in print anthologies and magazines. She has two self published picture books and is releasing a second ebook, "Umbra Daemonium". She lives in rural Kentucky and is a teaching assistant.


Check out Laura's next short story collection: Umbra Daemonium and Other Short Stories

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