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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: Mortal Angel by Daz James

Book Spotlight: Mortal Angel by Daz James

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Book Title: Mortal Angel 
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Her death was only the beginning. 

When 18-year-old Mickey, a crass veterinary student and nerd extraordinaire, unexpectedly gets in a serious car crash, she should, for all intents and purposes, be dead. 

She is certainly pronounced dead, and she is soon taken to the mortuary, like a normal dead person should. 

That’s exactly where she finds herself when she wakes up. 

Stuffed in a body bag while a British government agent searches her body for evidence. 

Using powers she never knew she had, Mickey fights back and tries to escape, only to be rescued by Elize, a Tribal Knight who vows to protect her. 

When they meet the rest of the team in a Tribal Knights safehouse, she is shocked to discover that she is now a fugitive hunted down by the Government. 

As she learns about her magical gifts, the secret cold war waged by the Government and The Six Tribes, a society of magic users banished to Earth over two centuries ago, and the high-profile assassinations that broke the fragile peace between them, Mickey realizes her life might never go back to normal. 

Not before the people behind the assassinations are brought to justice and this war comes to an end. 

Then again, maybe change is not a bad thing. Especially when it includes a sword fight or two 

✨Hard Magic System
🫂Found Family
🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ Characters
🐉Dragons and Magical Creatures
⭐️Anthropomorphic Creatures
🌆Modern Day Setting
🔎Mystery, Conspiracy and Action

Trigger Warnings: Gore, Violence and Swearing.

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