Book Spotlight: A Year at Honeybee Cottage by Alexandra Wholey

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Title: A Year at Honeybee Cottage
Author: Alexandra Wholey 
Description: Contemporary Friends to Lovers Romance 

Love can blossom when you least expect it… 

Jilted on her wedding day, a surprise inheritance of Honeybee Cottage, her late grandmother Marianne’s home in the Inner Hebrides, gives Eilidh the chance of a fresh start she so badly needs. 

Welcomed back with open arms into the tight knit community of Mossbrae, Eilidh reconnects with old friends, adjusts to village life again, and slowly learns to come to terms with her heartbreak through her reignited passion for her job as a beekeeper, all the while vowing that she is done with love. 

That is, until her meddling, matchmaking friends and the rest of the village get involved… with hilariously romantic consequences! 

Will Eilidh get the happily ever after she so badly deserves? 

Or will she receive a sting in the tail? 

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