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Lucy Turns Pages: The Reading Rush Challenges/Badges Wrap-Up!

The Reading Rush Challenges/Badges Wrap-Up!

Hi everyone! I loved The Reading Rush readathon this week. I had decided to read mangas for this readathon as I knew I would be busy towards the end of the week. I did deviate from my plan a bit but I had so much fun reading and I am definitely going to be reading mangas more often after this! Here are all the books I read during The Reading Rush, with which challenge or badge they fitted:

Read a book with purple on the cover:

For this prompt I read To Your Eternity Volume 1. This is a manga by the same author who wrote A Silent Voice and I absolutely loved the anime of that series. Unfortunately, I only rated To Your Eternity 2 stars. It follows this immortal ball that was sent to to Earth. This ball can change form. First, it meets a wolf and transforms into this wolf's form. It then meets the boy who owned the wolf. The boy has been left all alone in a village and he wants to set out to find where all of the people went to. The immortal creature follows him. This manga was just a bit too gloomy for me.

Read a book in the same spot the whole time & read a book you meant to read last year:

For these challenges, I read Puella Magi Madoka Magica Volume 1. This is a manga that I wanted to read a few years ago and just hadn't got around to it yet. This book follows Madoka, a girl who discovers that a pact can be made with a creature to become a 'magical girl'. Magical girls fight witches who try to harm people. This book unfortunately did not meet my expectations. I didn't like how the witches were said to cause suicides.

Read a book with over five words in the title & read and watch a book to movie adaptation: 

For these prompts I read The Rising of the Shield Hero, Volume 1: The Manga Companion. This is the manga adaptation of the light novel. The anime was based on the light novel so I guessed that this would count! It also has more than five words in the title. This book follows a man who is transported to another world. He is deemed to be the 'shield hero' and along with three other heroes taken from other worlds, he must fight waves of monsters in order to save an RPG-like universe in order to be returned home. I loved how much this manga (and the anime) were like an RPG game with experience points, battles and merchants. I then read the second volume as well.

Read a 5 star book:

For this challenge, I read Fullmetal Alchemist (3-in-1 Edition) Volume 2. I absolutely loved the anime, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood so I knew this would very likely be a 5 star read for me. This series follows Edward and Al as they go on adventures trying to find an item called the philosopher's stone in order to restore their bodies. I would really recommend the anime too!

Read a book with a non-human main character:

I read a horror manga for this challenge, Parasyte Volume 1, which is unlike the mangas I usually read. In this manga, alien creatures have been taking over humans and then they become cannibals. However, one parasite was not able to take over a man so he now lives as his hand. This manga is creepy and gross in parts but I did end up wanting to find out where these creatures had come from and why they had to consume others. The parasite in the hand, Migi, is quite an interesting character. He seems to develop differently than the other parasites. I am interested to see what happens next with the main characters and the overall story. I have been reading through the chapters in this series very quickly.

Read an author's first book:

For this prompt, I read Owly Volume 1: The Way Home & The Bittersweet Summer. This was a cute picture book that was available from my library. This book follows an Owl, no one seems to like him but then he becomes friends with a worm! This volume features two stories told in adorable illustrations.

Read seven books & Read over 1000 pages:

The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 1 (168 pages)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (144 pages)
Owly (160 pages)
The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 2 (160 pages)
Fullmetal Alchemist (3-in-1) Volume 2 (576 pages)
Parasyte Volume 1 (288 pages)
To Your Eternity Volume 1 (192 pages)

Total= 1,688

Post a Reading Rush bookstagram: 

I participated in the bookstagram challenge for day 1 of the readathon. The prompt was to make a book fly! So here is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone flying. It looks possessed or ghostly. I really like the way that this photo came out.

Participate in a Twitter sprint:

I participated in a Twitter sprint on the first day of the readathon!

Participate in a read-in:

I took part in the online read-in on The Reading Rush Instagram page!

My badges:

Did you take part in The Reading Rush? If so, what did you read for it? 

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