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Lucy Turns Pages: What Makes Gaming Fun For You?

What Makes Gaming Fun For You?

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Gamers aren’t just a generic group of people with homogenous tastes and preferences. And gaming isn’t only one thing - like point and shoot.

Instead, people come to gaming from all walks for life and all kinds of reasons.

The type of gamer you are depends very much on your personality. But do you know what it is about gaming that really motivates you?

Please take a look at these different reasons people cite for what makes gaming fun for them. Exploration
With improvements in game consoles and graphics cards, the quality of exploration has improved immensely. In the early days, games like Pokemon and Final Fantasy only allowed you to roam around 2D environments, tracking your movements from above.

Today, though, games put you right in the middle of convincing 3D worlds with loads of places to explore. Games like Assassin’s Creed are so advanced that you believe you’re roaming around ancient Egypt or Greece. They’re supremely accurate.

Beating The Competition

Exploration is for people of a particular disposition. They’re not particularly interested in dominating other people. They just like the idea of exploring a rich, digital environment.

For others, though, that’s not the draw at all. Instead, they go into gaming because they love to see how their skills compare to those of others.

Counterstrike is perhaps the one title that takes this to its extreme. For the last seventeen years, gamers have been trying to get one-up on each other on a handful of maps. The game demands lightning-fast reactions and still draws in more people on platforms like Steam than any other title.

Taking Risks

For some people, risk is the biggest draw of playing games. It’s why even today, developers still include high-stakes options in many of their games. ID, for instance, released Doom Eternal with an Ultra Nightmare mode that set you on nightmare difficulty and catapulted you back to the start the moment you die.

Twisted Circus Slot adds risk, but in a different way. The developers hope that the theme and the rewards will appear to this subset of gamers.

Completing Every Achievement

Some personalities find completing a game the most alluring aspect. These are the people who will stop at nothing to do every achievement and master every level.

You know you’re a completionist if you’re the type of person who likes to focus most on the achievements tab, seeing what you’ve yet to complete.

Being a completion-orientated person usually means that you’re naturally conscientious. Whenever you do a job, you like to do it right.

The Sheer Glory Of It

Finally, for some, gaming is all about the glory. It’s being able to say that you complete Doom on Ultra Nightmare setting in under two hours. It’s about telling people that your kill-death ratio on Counter Strike is 3:1 or higher. It’s about being the very best person you can be.

If you’re a glory gamer, you don’t just watch esports on Twitch - you actively take part and pit yourself against the best in the world. You’ve got skills, and you know it.

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