Promote your book/writing project with Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight Posts

My blog is open for paid promotional posts to showcase your work! These posts can feature items such as a book cover, book description, book genre, author bio and buy links. These posts will stay on my blog and they will also be listed on my book spotlights page for readers to find.

Posts are £5 per book. 

The posts will also be shared on:
  • Twitter (7,600+ followers)
  • Pinterest (27k+ monthly views)
  • Instagram (1,200+ followers)
  • TikTok (one of my spotlight posts hit 900 views and counting)

If you would like to work with me, please send all of the information you'd like to be included in the post to or through a message when you pay via my Ko-Fi page. Posts are published within 48 hours once information has been submitted and payment has been made. All genres are accepted as long as the book cover and the book description aren't graphic. 

Please pay via my Ko-Fi page:

I also offer promotion via my Ko-Fi membership option:

I promote books, as well as websites, social media accounts etc. through my blog and my social media. If you'd like to receive ongoing promotion through multiple blog posts featuring your books/website/business, be linked at the end of every blog post I publish, as well as regular promotion on my social media and much more, check out my Ko-Fi membership options.

Testimonials from authors I've helped to get more reads and sales.

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