Promote your book/writing project with Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight Posts

My blog is open for paid book spotlight posts! These posts can feature items such as a book cover, book description, book genre, author bio and buy links. These posts will stay on my blog and they will also be listed on my book spotlights page for readers to find. Additionally, they will also be shared on my Twitter page to over 6,100 followers. These posts are £5 per book which can be directly commissioned via my Ko-Fi page: Posts are published within 48 hours once information and payment has been made (although it's usually a lot quicker). If you'd like to advertise your book with me please add all of the information you'd like to be added in the message on Ko-Fi when you pay or email me at with everything you would like featured in the post. 

All genres are accepted as long as the book cover and the book description are not graphic. 

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