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Lucy Turns Pages: How To Make More Time When Running Your Own Business

How To Make More Time When Running Your Own Business

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When you have your own business not all of it can be done by you. There are several areas of the business that you can outsource to other people to get the job done effectively and efficiently. That frees you up to focus on your business, your staff, and your clients. Here are a few things you can outsource to other people and companies to free up your to-do list.


Everything you do comes down to the numbers. How much product is going out, and how much money is coming in? That is the number one question. It is also the number one headache. There are several companies out there who will help you sort out your numbers and sort out your paperwork so that you know where your money is going and how much is staying in your pocket. Hire an accountant. An accountant will keep you completely organized so that you won’t have problems with payroll, you will have all of your receipts and deductions for tax day, and you will have a full report and visual of the ebb and flow of your money. Having help with this task will give you less stress.

Creating Product

If you are in a business where you are creating products, especially clothing or candles, you may want to free up your time by sending your products to factories to be created. If you are finding that you are heading towards great success, you are not going to be able to make every single item with your own hands. Clothing can be sent to factories to be made in an industrial embroidery machine, perfumes can be sent to companies to make the scent and bottle it for you, and photographs can be sent to studios to be copied, developed, or framed. This will save you so much time to be able to create more great products and plan your next business move.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an enigma. There are so many algorithms, techniques, and formulas that can get your page on the feed of more people. Factors like what time of day you post, what hashtags you use, and how many followers you have all affect your social media presence. That is a full time job, and you are too busy to take the time out of your day to worry about marketing. This is a great area of your business to outsource to a social media marketing company. Experts in the field will know exactly what to do with your page and how to do it effectively so that you can garner more followers fast and get your product on the phones of just about everyone. These same companies also know how to get your website as the top hit on internet searches for products you sell or products that are within your industry. Give yourself some extra time in your day by having someone else handle your social media.


If you are the kind of business owner who just wants to give everyone a job, maybe you shouldn’t be involved in the hiring process. If you have a manager or other administrative colleague you trust, perhaps you should have them interview potential candidates or at least whittle down the pool to the top few so that you can make the final decision yourself. Hiring companies are also another alternative for this task. Headhunters can find you the most perfect candidate taking all of the sorting and interviewing out of your hands. This is yet another task that you can take off your plate.

Event Planning

As you become more successful and your business continues to grow, it may behoove you to throw parties for your colleagues. Having an event where you can get everyone together is essential to establishing great partnerships and keeping your face out and known to everyone in your field. The downswing to that is that planning an event is a lot of work, and you are just too busy for that. Event planning companies are great to hire to take care of all the details of throwing a major party. Provide them with the guest list and they will take care of checking names at the door, finding the perfect arrangements, food, and drinks. They will come up with great decor and turn any space into a vibrant atmosphere for talking, dancing, and collaborating. Hire an event planner for your next party and you will save yourself hours of work.

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