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Lucy Turns Pages: Some books I've promoted so far part 1: children's books

Some books I've promoted so far part 1: children's books

Books are magical. They bring us to whole new worlds, allow us to meet new people and transport us to different times. The books we read as children make such an impact, not only on our reading and writing skills but on our imagination and our love of reading. The passion for reading can be passed on to the next generation to seize, to escape, to create, to enjoy.

So I have a book promotion service where I work with authors to create spotlight posts for their books. I then promote these posts on Twitter and I index them on my book spotlights page for everyone to find. I wanted to start doing some block posts where I show some of the books I've promoted so far, separated by genre or whichever grouping makes the most sense. My blog is open to all genres but in this post I will be showing you the children's books I've spotlighted so far. Click the title or picture to see the post and find out more about the book! These authors work extremely hard and I would love for them to find new readers who will learn something new or find a new world to love.

The books:

Alexander Lee And The Sunken Ship by Laura Austin

My Brother is a Werewolf by Ray A. Price, illustrated by Sam Aston and Arin Bray

So those are the children's books that I have spotlighted so far! Let me know if you pick any of these up. If you are an author and you'd like to commission a spotlight, check out my Ko-Fi commission page for more information.

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