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Lucy Turns Pages: Content Creator Shout-out #1 Awesome Advocates

Content Creator Shout-out #1 Awesome Advocates

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful content creators during my time online. So many of these deserve a shout-out so here is the first (of many). Check out these creators!


YouTube - Twitter - Instagram

Estelle is a lifestyle and disability content creator. She shares vlogs on YouTube every Friday, featuring things like vintage toys, talking about health and disability symptoms and things that can help others and her travels. She also shares a lot of cool and unique fashion on her Instagram!

I think Estelle is an amazing person. She shares personal things in a hope to help others. She is standing up to bring visibility to things that are typically hidden and stigmatised when they shouldn't be. She is a colourful character who deserves much more support!


The Historian Circle - Darcy is a Bipolar - Twitter

Darcy is a lovely person who blogs about history and living with BPD. Darcy is an advocate for chronic illness awareness. She is so supportive and kind and has been a great friend to me. 

Darcy is a talented historian, who specialises in Queenship and Female Aristocracy. If you are interested in history, I would really recommend checking out her blog, The Historian Circle. She also hosts guest posts from other historians which is a brilliant way to share her passion for history with others. 

Darcy shares think pieces on her health and lifestyle blog which really bring awareness to living with things like BPD and PMDD. Darcy is a brave creator who frankly shares her symptoms to bring awareness and reduce stigma for things that affect so many people.

Darcy also did a guest post for my blog analysing Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass!

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  1. I am in love with everything about this! You're right, there are so many incredible content creators out there, each of which deserves all of the attention that comes their way. I am always looking for ways to discover new creators. I'll be following this series closely!