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Lucy Turns Pages: Author Shout-out: AJ Knox

Author Shout-out: AJ Knox

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AJ Knox was born in Syracuse NY (1970- ) to Italian and German ancestry. He has worked overnights as an emergency dispatcher and spent his days dreaming of a better world.

A person who loves stories, it was only a matter of time before AJ starting writing stories of his own. He prefers stories to have a strong female lead and that is evident in his works.

His debut novella, The Universe Corps - Book 1: Cadet Margaret McBride was written to homage Star Trek, with Margaret starting her career and almost immediately finding herself in very serious situations.

AJ also has a short story in the recently published collection Beyond The Levee and other ghostly stories edited by Peter Talley. He has also published a collection of short horror stories that occur one night during the 2020 pandemic.

AJ is currently working on the second book for The Universe Corps.

Let's take a look at AJ's books!

The Universe Corps

They hated all living beings and were heading right for us.

Margaret McBride and her cadet squad earn the right to a coveted training, one month on a tiny satellite called the CRS2. It's an easy assignment, monitoring ship-to-ship and ship-to-Earth communications.

Join Margaret and her friends as they embark on this mission. However, their excitement is cut short when a hostile alien species called The Lenotron invades the Earth. They are a silicon-based life form and want to eradicate all carbon-based life from the galaxy!

With no way off the CRS2, Margaret and her squad are trapped. To make matters worse, The Lenotron have come aboard the CRS2 in order to hijack Eath's communication network, and they are not about to let a handful of first-year cadets get in their way.

Will Margaret and her squad survive their first real assignment?

A must-read for fans of science fiction!

Beyond the Levee and Other Ghostly Tales

Traces of the afterlife exist all around us. We are haunted by entities that linger and refuse to let go. Is it a need for relevance, revenge, or bittersweet regret which bind these pitiful spirits? Can they find peace? Do they deserve it? The ghost stories held within explore what happens when the unsettled reach out from Beyond the Levee.

That One Night

She's ambushed and kidnapped from her campsite by a giant beast. A family is brutally murdered in their home. Violent and bizarre attacks are reported throughout town. Will the small village of Jordan survive the night?

July 5, 2020. An unassuming Sunday night just like any other.

Jaina is camping. It always helps her decompress, and tonight she really needs it. The breakup was her idea, but Mark is not one to give up. Sitting by her camp fire and enjoying her fish dinner, that's when she hears the distinct but muffled crushing of the undergrowth just twenty feet away. Before she knows it, Jaina is ambushed and kidnapped by a giant beast. Can she survive long enough to escape?

Mark is on patrol. Called to the scene of a home invasion, what he finds is a scene fit for a horror movie. Some kind of wild animal with extraordinary strength has stormed through the house leaving death and destruction in its wake. But what kind of creature could do that?

As more and more calls flood the police lines, it becomes clear that the night of July 5th is anything but normal. It's up to our heroes to figure out how to survive and make it to the light of day!

That One Night is an occult horror, paranormal fantasy fiction perfect for readers who enjoy thrilling, suspense stories that take place in a contemporary, urban setting. Filled with vampires, werewolves, ghouls, zombies, and much more it is perfect for book lovers who enjoy ghoulishly macabre and hauntingly sinister stories.

Order your copy now and get ready for a mind-bending tale that will have you riveted to your seat and make you wonder who or what is lurking behind the door.

The e-book is also available on other websites and apps including Scribd (if you haven't got Scribd, check out my referral link for 2 months free access to e-books and audiobooks). Check out the list of websites here.

Before That One Night- available on Kindle Vella

Before That One Night is an anthology of short stories of the characters from That One Night, experiencing different events from before That One Night.

You can also follow AJ on Twitter.

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