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Lucy Turns Pages: Indie Showcase #3 A New Way of Story-Telling: Serialised Stories on Kindle Vella

Indie Showcase #3 A New Way of Story-Telling: Serialised Stories on Kindle Vella

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I recently learned about this new platform for writers. Kindle Vella, currently only US-based. Writers can publish a story in 'episodes' or chapters at a time. The first few episodes are free to read and then you can purchase Kindle tokens to read more. The writers release a new episode every week so you can essentially read a whole book on a chapter by chapter basis, much like how webcomics are released. Writers earn through reads and they also get bonuses which really help them. 

Here are a few writers who use Kindle Vella:

Sheila Sellinger- Desperate Passions


This is the story of four very different people in the Old West; James (the sheriff), Sarah (the teacher), Dillan (the wanderer), and Jenny (Dillan's sister) who find their lives suddenly entangled and forever changed by one another.


This is the fictional diary of an American Christian soldier in Iraq during the year 2003 when the US invaded the country with the support of Britain, Australia, Poland, Spain, and Denmark. The invasion lasted from March 20 to May 1, but troops remained until December 2011. Follow our soldier as he travels this adventure. Take a look inside his life and thoughts.

Eric Johnson- Operation Outreach


A United Planets Marine faces life in the future and fights a new alien race. A story arc in my Eagle Hammer universe. Story length is approximately 18 episodes long.


This is a small book about a mercenary unit that I wanted to write as a side project. Unfortunately it never took off with me and here are the seven episodes from that book.


That One Night is an anthology of short stories that all take place on the same night.


Due to her rare skin, Eyomi roamed only in the night's shadows. The young maid is wearied by her life as an orphan, until she befriends a drifter named Tuhaji, whose gift for storytelling broadens her small world. When warriors with unworldly strength step out of Tuhaji's stories and onto her path, Eyomi finds she is bound to their lineage in ways she never imagined. Eyomi must choose loyalty, even while a strange fire groans within. She must learn to master it, or set ablaze all in her wake.

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  1. Kindle Vella sounds like such a good idea -- and I enjoyed reading a bit about the authors you shared here who use it. I will have to check it out!