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Lucy Turns Pages: Indie Showcase #2 Books for Free or 99p/99 cents

Indie Showcase #2 Books for Free or 99p/99 cents

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Authors work really hard, pouring all of themselves into creating their passion projects and achieving their dreams. One thing that I want to do is to help authors to reach a wider audience and make more sales. Something very important for all authors, is receiving reviews. Reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Waterstones and other shop websites help authors to find even more readers. Sometimes authors will run deals such as offering their book for free or for a cheaper price so that readers can access their books and review them for others to find. In these indie showcase posts I am going to share some of these books. Please check out any books that you are interested in and leave reviews online! See other indie showcase posts on my book lists page.

A lot of indie books are free to read on Kindle Unlimited, which you can get a free trial of and then it is 9.99 a month with access to a ton of e-books so I'd definitely recommend checking that out.

If you are an author and you would like a dedicated post for your book, please check out my contact page for information on my paid spotlight posts. 

Introductions: Volume One

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Owl's Crown: A Paranormal Romance: Book One of the Owl King Archives

99 cents/ 77p on Kindle.

Tides Into Oblivion

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Eclipsing the Tide (To be Nameless Book 1)

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Dreaming Your Dream: Book One of Machine Dreaming

Free on Kindle Unlimited

First Night

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Summer of '77

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Drift

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Book of Miriam

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Hauler: A Futuristic Action Adventure (Benjamin Drake Adventure Series Book 1)

99p/ 99 cents on Kindle or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Bucky and the Lukefahr Ladies: Walking the Labyrinth

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Europa: A Cyberpunk Chronicle

99 cents/ 77p or free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Night Before Christmas: Yuletide Mystery

99p or free on Kindle Unlimited

Jane: A Novel (The Circle Book 1)

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Nevada Noir: A Trilogy of Short Stories

Free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Warriors of Bhrea: The Lost King

99 cents/99p on Kindle until 26th December or free on Kindle Unlimited.

Worlds Apart

Free on Kindle Unlimited or 99 cents on December 17th.

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  1. It is so nice of you to help out other authors to reach a wider audience. As a blogger, I have connected with so many writers and I love seeing their work. I have recently bought a book from a writer and I loved it. I have read a couple of these titles that interests me and I'll check them out.

    Thank you for sharing these. I love how you are spreading kindness. This is why I love the blogging & writing community.

  2. An awesome array of genres - something for everyone :) thank you

  3. This is a great list. I love checking out indie books like these and sharing them with friends/family. Nothing against the popular books that get all the buzz (I read them too) but there's something special about getting in on the ground floor of a book that you could see becoming the next big thing lol You never know which book is going to be the next Harry Potter, right?