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Lucy Turns Pages: Guest Post: Depression Nest by Rachael Hawksworth

Guest Post: Depression Nest by Rachael Hawksworth

Depression Nest

It may not seem like much but today I cleaned my room.
Days like these dont come too often
Even if I didnt wake up till noon,
I still cleaned my room.

Life gets heavy sometimes
Depression weighs you down,
And no matter how much you want a clean, welcoming space
Motivation isnt easily found

Today I cleaned my room
Iv been meaning to do it for a while now
I swear Im not lazy, just down

Most days I feel happy
Some days I feel overcome
Other days arnt great at all
But the worst are when I'm numb

Not happy,
Not sad,
Not excited,
Not even bad…

While this might sound ideal,
life doesnt feel real
and its absolutely no way live…
…not able to feel.

Thats when I let myself go
Self care isnt a priority
Iv lost myself and I dont know…
How do I get back to ‘’normality’’

My personal space is neglected
Before I know it Im living in a mess
It may seem weird from the outside
But theres something comforting about my Depression nest

A small part of the world
Which is mine alone
Safe, messy, mine
In my nest, unknown.

To the outside world
I seem put together
Organised, confident, happy
Little do they know, I'm untethered.

But today, I cleaned my room.
To most, this had no meaning.
Something normal, a part of life
But for me, its healing.

Rachael is a lifestyle, travel and self-care blogger at You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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