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Lucy Turns Pages: To Not Letting Anxiety Win

To Not Letting Anxiety Win

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Anxiety is a horrible thing. It's like a monster, a parasite, that lives in your body and mind. It darkens happiness and excitement, shading them under a thick dome. It makes you feel so in fear, that anything means something bad is coming, or happening.

It's very difficult to deal with and it can't be beaten, not defeated completely. 

It's a constant cyclone, coming round and round, throwing you down at every opportunity. 

You can't fight it, that strengthens it. The only way to win is to exist alongside it but not to let it have all of your time. 

When I'm anxious, I don't want to do much at all. My mind and body are so consumed, it tries to sap any joy from me. But letting it win like this is not the answer. Letting this creature ruin joy is not the answer. 

When I'm anxious, I don't want to read. It takes any motivation from me. But if I get myself to read, I can become consumed in this other world, it takes over my imagination and my thoughts and offers me respite for a while. But when I am anxious, I don't want to read. So I'm trying to get myself to read, even when I don't feel like it. Because I know I love reading and it will make me feel better for a while. I know this feeling I have is my anxiety and I don't want to keep letting it win. 

This monster can't be slayed. But it can be subdued.

What I want to do:

  • Be mindful- focus on the good things, the wonderful small things around me
  • Read when I don't feel like it- books always help
  • Don't hyperfixate on things that make me feel bad

Do you have any strategies to help with anxiety? I'd love to know.

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1 comment:

  1. Wonderful post, Thank you for writing it!
    My anxiety likes to come out in form of obsessions; sometimes I even need to tell myself to stop it out loud to "snap out of it".

    In the moment, I've also learnt that if you put cold or hot on your chest while you're panicking that it helps alot -- as it's where one of our biggest nerve reside, it kind of force your brain into a "shock" of concentrating more on the sensation rather than what it was reeling on about. For the times I get overwhelmed and panic at work, this helps me alot to calm down quicker đŸ˜… I always have this hand warmer in my purse.