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Lucy Turns Pages: Blood Lust by L. E. Scott

Blood Lust by L. E. Scott

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Blood Lust
by L. E. Scott
Supernatural Romance
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Blood Lust follows a vampire and human couple who live with their pet werewolf, Vincent. The human, Benigo, is dying which means that if Sangue (the vampire) doesn't want to wait for him to reincarnate and then grow up and start to remember him again (this has happened before), he needs to turn him into a vampire so they can be together. The trouble is, Benigo might not remember him or their love, but that's a risk Sangue is willing to take. However, the ritual doesn't work and Benigo heals instead of turning. Perplexed, Sangue goes searching for answers and learns that if someone isn't willing to die they won't turn. This gives Benigo an idea about using vampire blood to heal an epidemic that is currently plaguing the gay community, and Sangue goes along with it because he's the type that would do anything for the man he loves.

This book is written in Multi-POV and follows the couple's journey and the various forces that they come up against. Another vampire finds out what they're doing and sets out to stop them so Sangue and Benigo try to find some leverage they can use to gain the upper hand. While searching for leverage, Sangue finds out information concerning his own sire and they end up meeting a council of vampires who are in charge of keeping the entire vampire population in check. Throughout, Benigo suffers from PTSD from a past life which Sangue tries his hardest to cure, Vincent gets into some shenanigans involving a neighbor's pet puma, and the couple has passion-filled, unbridled, sex.

Inspiration: The original story that inspired this series "The Boots" was my response to a writing prompt that asked to "Write about an object that has been around for centuries or passed down through generations" I got the idea to write a vampire who collects items from his kills like trophies. Then I wrote several more stories about him and came up with this whole world where vampires can taste emotion and his favorite is lust and all the various nuances of the world, eventually I came up with Benigo's reincarnation angle and their love story began to form. The PTSD angle was pretty obvious since Benigo remembers all his past lives there's no way he'd have been able to just go on after remembering the horrible last year of Finn's life and I strove to make Sangue's relationship with Benigo healthier and less co-dependent than most vamp/human couples we see. Sangue does feed on Benigo, only in this incarnation he always asks for consent before he does, and he never drinks very much.

About the Author: Lex Everest Scott is an American author who grew up in a very religious household. They identify as non-binary and bisexual. They write all genres, but recently have been more interested in supernatural stories. They live with two cats and three other humans in a house that's too small in a town that's even smaller. They escape through reading (which they do as often as humanly possible while working a full-time job that saps their energy like a syphon) and writing. Almost all their stories feature queer characters. As they have not, until recently, found much representation of bi-sexual or gender diverse characters in books, they strive to write their own.

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