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Lucy Turns Pages: The Revenge by Stacy T Townend

The Revenge by Stacy T Townend

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Title: The Revenge
Author: Stacy T Townend
Genre: Historical Fiction
Where to read: Amazon, ebook, paperback or Kindle Unlimited

Synopsis: The Revenge is my 2nd book in the trilogy The Mercian Tales. It continues on from Book 1 The Betrayal. Oswi now Ealdorman of Holt is once more thrown into action serving King Offa. The Ealdorman of East Sussex call for support against the invading King Wattus of the Haestingas Tribe. Oswi must use his skills as a warrior to take battle to the enemy. Oswi finds new friends and warriors go take north to battle the invading raiders. Lies, mistrust, death, honour loyalty & friend & foe alike all seeking revenge. Who will succeed & be triumphant.

Inspiration for the book: I have been an avid reader since my youth over the past 7 years I started doing AR work & Beta reads. During this period I provided a brief for an author who encouraged me to take a leap of faith & write myself. That was during 2021. In December 2021 I started the journey as a writer.

About the author: I am a 52 year old living in West Yorkshire with my wife of 26 years & our two sons of 24 & 22. Along with our cheeky Westie Trixy who is 10 this November. I am an ex school governor of “Educating Yorkshire School” I am a qualified Local Government Election Officer. Though my current role is a Recycling Officer for my local government.

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