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Lucy Turns Pages: The Stars Within by Alex Arch

The Stars Within by Alex Arch

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Title: The Stars Within
Author: Alex Arch
Genre: Science-fiction
Where to read: most big retailers but only in ebook format.

A dying star always shines brightest.

Thomas fights to beat cancer. Colette fights to save the human race.

A colonial miner crippled with debt, Thomas must flee his home to cure his recurring cancer. With his health declining at an alarming rate, his options are limited. Spend his last days surrounded by his loved ones or leave them behind for a slim chance to live. The choice is impossible, the prospect grim, and not for him alone.

A pragmatic military hero, Colette enrolls in a mission to thwart an alien invasion. She always gets the job done… unless Mia’s involved. She must then put her feelings aside as always or risk jeopardizing her assignment for the woman she once loved.

Two battles. Two realities. For one to succeed, the other must fail.

Inspiration for the book: My mother passed away from cancer a few years ago and it inspired many of the interactions and feelings I put in the story. A few science facts too, but I can’t go into too much details for fear of spoiling the end.

About the author: I’m Alex Arch, a Canadian writer, a father, a husband, and a firefighter. I love playing hockey, the guitar and surprising readers with unexpected twists.

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