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Lucy Turns Pages: Passion by Matthew Pearce

Passion by Matthew Pearce

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Title: Passion 
Author: Matthew Pearce 
Genre: Thriller 
Where to read: Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Amazon UK, Amazon US, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble 


The hunt is on. As the F.B.I continues its pursuit of Vladimir Markovic and his associates, special agent Krysta Rose-Anderson finds herself longing for answers that only Adam can provide. Yet, with Adam missing, and the threat of the Avunaye feeling greater than ever, Krysta will soon find that she is not the only one searching for him. Bound by blood and their common goal of locating the tree of knowledge, the remainder of the Avunaye head towards Manhattan. Individual passions and superhuman feuds cause chaos, terrorising the city once more. But as the immortals discover that their newfound free will has come at a price, who can they turn to when their own existence is jeopardised? A new darkness looms and nothing is certain.

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