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Lucy Turns Pages: The Towers of Nine by Alyssa Louttit

The Towers of Nine by Alyssa Louttit

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Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

Title: The Towers of Nine
Author: Alyssa Louttit
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Fiction
Where to Read: Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Vella (Under the name Tower of Memories).

There’s three things Serafina knows about herself. She likes science, she’s never casted a magic spell in her life, and she wants nothing more than to attend the magic school of her dreams. The fairytale place her mother always told her stories of. But are the nightmares lurking in the walls a price she’s willing to pay for the chance of a lifetime?

Manga, Anime, Television, Fairy Tales, Mythology and Video Games. (Adventure RPGs, mostly.) Specifically: Hunter x Hunter, RWBY, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Charmed.

About the Author: 
I suppose I’m someone with a lot of interests and a love of storytelling in all its many forms. I wanted to explore some ideas and things I’ve always loved. I mostly just want to give people the same kind of feelings my favorite things have given me.

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