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Lucy Turns Pages: A Look At Let Them Float: And Other Short Stories by Katy Wimhurst

A Look At Let Them Float: And Other Short Stories by Katy Wimhurst

Let Them Float: And Other Short Stories chronic illness book


In these short stories, Katy Wimhurst creates off-kilter worlds that illuminate our own. Apocalyptic rabbits invade a town. People overwhelmed by their lives float above an urban park. A woman turns transparent after a virus. The playful lens of magical realism is used to explore physical and mental illness and our fragile environment. Thought-provoking fiction with a good dose of whimsy.


‘Katy Wimhurst’s stories are enchanting. They appear beguilingly simple yet contain layers of meaning and mystery. The author’s inventive interpretations of familiar situations give any reader fresh insights into their own experiences. Even with dark subjects, there are always sparks of hope and humour.’

-Dorothy Schwartz, author of Behind a Glass Wall.

‘Katy Wimhurst combines charming whimsy with weighty environmental and psychological issues and, in the balance, she delights and surprises the reader. Rich imagination and fresh, clean writing.’

-Petra McQueen, founder of The Writers Company.

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