Can An SUV Be A Good City Car?

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SUVs have long been a popular choice for car owners across the world. These vehicles often come with plenty of space, provide a commanding position on the road, and can be a great fun to drive. Of course, though, with more and more people living in cities, it’s worth thinking about whether or not this type of vehicle is any good in urban environments. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the features you should be looking for in an SUV to be used in and around your city.


Many SUVs are too big for city use. There is limited space on the roads in these sorts of environments, and this means that if everyone were driving massive cars, there wouldn’t be enough space for everyone. Of course, though, there are plenty of small and medium sized SUVs on the market which can be ideal for this sort of space. In fact, if you choose the right SUV, you will be able to get a vehicle with the same footprint as a smaller car, while getting something with more vertical space on the inside.

Fuel Efficiency

Some SUVs have been designed purely with performance in mind. This means that they will move quickly, turn on a dime, and be great fun to drive. Of course, though, at the same time, they will also guzzle their way through fuel when you’re stopping and starting in the city. Options like a new Vauxhall SUV won’t have this sort of problem. As time goes on, vehicles like SUVs are getting more fuel efficient, often without having to sacrifice things like performance. This means that you get to enjoy the fun of a nippy SUV, without having to pay the price of refueling all the time.


Parking is one of the major areas in which many SUVs beat other types of car. Your elevated position in a vehicle like this will give you an excellent view of your surroundings, and many modern SUVs come with additional features like rear facing cameras and parking sensors. This will give you a much easier time pulling into awkward spots, and makes an SUV a good choice if you find yourself struggling to park.

Techy Features

Driving in a city means a lot of stopping and starting, making tight turns, and being prepared for the worst. Many modern cars come with features which make this easier, from automatic braking to stop-start motors. It’s worth looking for features like this when you’re shopping for an SUV. Not only will it make your driving experience a lot better, but it will also improve your SUV’s ability to operate in an urban environment.

SUVs can be great fun, and they always come with heaps of utility. Of course, though, it’s always worth thinking about the way that you drive your car before you buy it, and you should work to find something which will be perfect for your driving habits.

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