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Lucy Turns Pages: English Grammar: Past Simple Tense

English Grammar: Past Simple Tense

Hi everyone, as some of you may know, my goal is to become an English Language Teacher. I decided to create a blog post series where I study and review topics that I will need to be knowledgeable about. My last post was about present simple tense. This post will be about past simple tense!

Past simple= I did

Group of People Doing Marathon
Image. Example: I ran the marathon last week.

This tense includes the use of regular and irregular verbs. 
Regular verbs in the past use -ed at the end.
Irregular verbs change form differently. For example, I draw becomes I drew.

In questions, it can be shown as:
Did/didn't you/she/he/they do?

Was I/he/she/it ...
Were we/you/they ...

Was he out last night?
Were you on holiday last week?

The was or were part of the question can be after the did or didn't question e.g. did you paint last night or were you too tired? This is a past simple tense question.

In negative replies or sentences it is:
I/he/she/they didn't do

The past simple form I am or he/she is or they are:
I/he/she/it was/wasn't
We/you/they were/weren't

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