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Lucy Turns Pages: Author Shout-Out: Sheila Sellinger

Author Shout-Out: Sheila Sellinger

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Welcome to an author shout-out post! For more information see this thread. Check out my book spotlights index and my shout-outs page for more indie authors to read from!

Sheila Sellinger is a Christian author who writes primarily adventure romance and biblical fiction. Sheila also writes on Vocal where she shares short stories about animals, as well as mystery/thriller stories. These are free to read and a great way to support a writer!

Here is some of her work:

Jessie's Life Song

Jessie's Song brings together Jessie and Kevin in a non-stop adventure as Kevin does everything he can to protect Jessie from her psychopath ex-husband, Randy, who is bent on her demise.

The Cuddle Puddle: A Picture and Poetry Book

The Cuddle Puddle contains a collection of kitten photographs and poetry that is perfect for the entire family. Many of the kittens featured were once part of a rescue and now have loving forever homes. We hope you find them a cute as we do.

If you don't know the story of Balaam's talking donkey, you're in for both a treat and an education.
Follow Achsa, Balaam's donkey, as she beings her adventure to see King Balak, and then see how her adventure turns into a misadventure as events lead her from one terrifying experience to the next.

Sheila's stories on Kindle Vella, where the first 3 episodes are free to read:

Desperate Passions


This is the story of four very different people in the Old West; James (the sheriff), Sarah (the teacher), Dillan (the wanderer), and Jenny (Dillan's sister) who find their lives suddenly entangled and forever changed by one another.


This is the fictional diary of an American Christian soldier in Iraq during the year 2003 when the US invaded the country with the support of Britain, Australia, Poland, Spain, and Denmark. The invasion lasted from March 20 to May 1, but troops remained until December 2011. Follow our soldier as he travels this adventure. Take a look inside his life and thoughts.

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