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Lucy Turns Pages: Author Shout-out: Joharra Harper

Author Shout-out: Joharra Harper

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Welcome to an author shout-out post! For more information see this thread. Check out my book spotlights index and my shout-outs page for more indie authors to read from!

Joharra is an author and booktuber who is passionate about writing and the books she reads. You can so clearly see how much she loves writing. Here are her currently published books:

Jasmine Perez and the Wicked Sorceress (Book 1)

This is a story about Jasmine Perez. She is the Princess of one of the many Kingdoms in that Realm. But one day, a Wicked Sorceress kidnapped her people, including her father, the King. Jasmine has to leave her Palace, even though she has never left the Kingdom walls, along with two servants and her fiancé. They go on a long journey and find something that can help the on their mission, and find people who can help them as Jasmine practices her newly discovered magic. There is love, hate, adventure, action, anticipation, and lots of magic. Will she be able to stop arguing with her companions long enough to stay focused? Will she be able to defeat Lilac and save her people? Watch as Jasmine figures out who she is in time to save her Kingdom, and her entire Realm.

Jasmine Perez and Another Realm (Book 2)

It has been a year since Jasmine and Lucas disappeared through that portal. The group has been a mess since. Jax is distraught. Ben is trying to be there for everyone. Ava has other things on her mind. Ginny is hanging on by a thread. Lucas is close to breaking Jasmine, and Lilac is picking off her friends one by one. But when Amara comes to them, it looks like they may be able to save Jasmine after all. But first, Jasmine has to learn about both Rosemary and Alice's past. With Jasmine back in her Realm, the race is on. It is time for them to cook up a plan. To save Ben and Ava. To stop Lilac for good. But that may not be so easy. With everyone telling Jasmine she will have to Kill Ava, she looks to Alice and Rosemary for advice. But it may be hard for Jasmine to follow her heart, when the power inside her tries to take over her soul.

Jasmine Perez and the Enchantress (Book 3)

The hero's are back, for their biggest adventure yet. The stakes are higher than ever. With Lilac having nothing left to lose, and Jasmine having everything to lose. As Lilac becomes unstable and Jasmine's mental state begins to crumble, the allies prepare for War. Secrets of the Dark Forest are finally revealed as Jasmine's pull towards it becomes stronger. Just as Lilac appears to be winning, Jasmine discovers a powerful weapon that can put the odds in their favor. The Enchantress. An ancient legend that may have the answers that Jasmine has been looking for, a way to defeat Lilac and save the Realms, without murder. With Rosemary trying to convince her she has to kill Lilac, she realizes not everything is as it seems. The race is on as the final battle approaches. As Jasmine embraces her magic , she is finally ready to become who she was always meant to be.

The Curse's Light

Skylar Prescott is the only girl who knows the truth about their small little town. The town of Lawnsdale is cursed. No one believes the town's crazy girl. Until a strange boy finds himself thrown into the town, and now he can't leave. With Will by her side, Skylar may be able to finally figure out the missing details of the curse, including who's behind it. As Skylar and Will get closer, they can finally uncover all the secrets. But Skylar may find out how she's truly connected to this.

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