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Lucy Turns Pages: Christmas Books to Read!

Christmas Books to Read!

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It's almost that time of year again. How does it always seem to come around so quickly? Well if you would like some helping getting into the spirit or just want to celebrate this time of year, here are some perfect Christmas-themed books to read!

A Boy Called Christmas

This sounds like an adorable origin story for Santa Claus! We follow Nikolas, a boy who is unlucky and has a tough life but then one day, something magical happens...

The Christmasaurus

This book sounds adorable! It's all about a boy who meets a dinosaur in the North Pole. Christmas, a dinosaur and an adventure? Sign me up!

An original Christmas villain. I love Dr. Seuss' writing and the Grinch is an emotional story I'd love to read in rhyme. A perfect Christmas read for adults and children alike.

This book gives me total The Holiday vibes (which I am actually watching whilst writing this post). We follow twins who are going through a difficult time and decide to switch places. How could that possibly go wrong?

The Penguin Book of Christmas Stories

I adore this cover! This is a collection of classic festive stories. If you like classics, or know someone who does, this would make a great gift (to yourself or someone else!).

This book sounds like a gothic Russian novel which is somehow a festive read? If you like dark stories, this might be for you.

Ok so let's pretend that I didn't just pick this book because of a childhood favourite film, Barbie and the Nutcracker. The synopsis of this book quite intrigues me. It follows a character who is gifted a nutcracker which transports her to a magical world? A Christmas fantasy book? Yes please.

Another Christmas classic read. If you enjoy classics, this beautiful edition may be a great choice for you!

This is a Poirot murder mystery book with five short stories, five festive cases which may actually be linked.

These are just some of the Christmas-themed books out there. Check out this Waterstones page to find more festive reads! Which Christmas-themed books would you recommend? Are you going to pick any of these up?

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  1. I have just bought the first one. Great suggestions!

  2. Ohh the adventure of the christmas pudding sounds actually cool- I should launch into those kind of cosy mystery books with holiday themed ahah maybe id have luck with thoses :p -- the holiday swap is already on my list.

    Kristina @

  3. So many great choices -- thanks for the book recs, I'm always looking for something new to entertain myself with!