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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: Ash by Mark Jonathan Runte

Book Spotlight: Ash by Mark Jonathan Runte


Title: Ash
Author: Mark Jonathan Runte
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy (Part one of the Mythos set)
Available at: Rogue Animal - Barnes & Noble - FriesenPress


Daniel grew up in a family with more than their share of secrets but he never thought he’d have to run until his father killed a man. Hiding seemed like the only choice, making a life in a town where no one knew him and the LaLaurie name was a word on a page. He never counted on meeting a girl there, or falling in love with her. Or that his secrets would one day come out.

Writer bio

I’ve had a few shorter works accepted by literary journals and anthologies but this is my debut novel. Another will be coming out sometime in May.

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