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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: Journey To Self-Awareness by Kushal Patel

Book Spotlight: Journey To Self-Awareness by Kushal Patel


Title: Journey To Self-Awareness
Author: Kushal Patel


This book goes into how we can be more aware of the negative thoughts that affect us in different areas of our life. The author goes into how we can navigate through our minds to achieve a more enjoyable life.

Book description

We all struggle with our own issues, Sometimes we do not know why they are bothering us. Thoughts come and go, but the affect they have on us sometimes never go away. The young author goes into how we can better understand ourselves and our thoughts so we can take the step to living healthier and more happier lives.

About the author

Kushal Patel is an advocate of mental well-being. He has studied the mind through being a neuroscience major at the University of Texas at Dallas. Currently, he is a medical student at the West Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Through his own journey, he was rejected by medical schools multiple times, had past experiences hold him back, and lacked self love. A few years ago, he went through a period of personal growth that changed his life. He went to therapy, began reading more and took a course called Inner Engineering. This book hopes to share the lessons he learned along the way so that others can reshape the way they see themselves in the world.

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