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Lucy Turns Pages: Indie Showcase #10 Sci-Fi Books!

Indie Showcase #10 Sci-Fi Books!

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Welcome to another indie showcase post where I share some books written by self-published/small press authors! See all previous posts on my indie books page. Today we are looking at indie science fiction books!

Cardinal Virtues (War of the Submarine Book 1)

The future is here—and war will follow.

2037: Underwater exploitation has changed the world. Every nation wants territory, and the race for resources on the ocean floor is on.

Commander Alex Coleman thought his career was over when he got sent to Armistice Station, an underwater megastation where you can buy everything except success in the U.S. Navy. Here, he waits for retirement, doling out sodas and supplies while keeping an eye out for and unruly sailors—hardly the things the Navy sends you to do when you’re a submariner on the fast track.

But things aren’t quiet in this underwater amusement park. French marines arrive with Indian Navy support. Both nations want the United States out of the Indian Ocean, and Alex, along with his eclectic band of castoff sailors, is the only one standing in their way.

Alex sure as hell doesn’t want to be a hero—because heroes don't explode coffee creamer fireballs or hijack cruise ships—but the shooting’s started, and he’s got a job to do.

Meanwhile, an American carrier strike group steams though the Straits of Malacca. Commander Nancy Coleman’s USS Fletcher (DDG 155) is on point, keeping an eye out for Chinese submarines that might stop her ships from arriving in time to aide Taiwan. But when a trigger-happy admiral shoots at the wrong nation’s submarine, she finds herself in the middle of a shootout that might be the first act of World War III.

Cardinal Virtues is first book in the series War of the Submarine, also published as Season 1 of the War of the Submarine serial on Kindle Vella. 

Modern-Day Piracy Moves Under the High Seas

A band of modern-day pirates station-hops across the Indian Ocean. Each attack bolder and more costly than the last, these pirates leave behind a trail of broken bodies, businesses, and stolen submarines at every undersea station they visit—and it’s up to Lieutenant Commander Alex Coleman and USS Kansas (SSN 810) to stop them.

Teaming up with with his old college roommate and not-so-gentle giant, marine lieutenant colonel Paul Swanson, Alex sets out to hunt the pirates down. But these pirates aren’t in rundown little skiffs that are easy to track and find. They’ve got a genuine warship and the will to turn weapons against innocent civilians and undersea stations, and more importantly, they’re good at stealth.

With time running out, Alex he convinces his friendly neighborhood U.N. representative to rent a ridiculously expensive civilian submarine. This way, he and his marines can play bait for the pirates. But there's no time to reflect on the wisdom of the mission when the pirates come aboard to face more than they bargained for and Alex finds himself staring death in the face.

This book is the prequel to the upcoming series, War of the Submarine, available on both Kindle Vella and with book 1, Cardinal Virtues, coming soon on Kindle and in Paperback.

Mary and Elizabeth Tudor unite to change history.

Mary I: remembered by history as “Bloody Mary” ended her life abandoned by her husband, imprisoning her sister, and hated by her people. Yet before that, she was a neglected daughter of Henry VIII—who shoved her aside in his quest for a male heir, never caring what his callous attitude did to his daughter.

Elizabeth I: likewise abandoned by her father, a life without love would shape her into a hard woman remembered as one of the greatest monarchs in English history—yet she, too, was lonely. Unable to marry the man she loved and unable to trust even those closest to her, Elizabeth played one faction against one another up until the bitter end.

Not this time.

Henry VIII’s early death in 1541 throws his daughters together, with far-reaching consequences for the Tudor dynasty. In a world where Katherine Parr never becomes queen, Mary and Elizabeth Tudor have no one to depend upon except one another. An alternate story in Tudor England. Novelette length.


This isn’t your life.
This isn’t your timeline.
And there’s a way out.

An emotional, mind-bending novel in the tradition of Dark Matter and The Midnight Library, this surprise Amazon bestseller will make you question everything you know.

“A powerful piece of inventive and topical science fiction [that] will undoubtedly resonate with readers in a way that many stories reach for, but few achieve.” –The BookLife Prize

For one man, the past few years have delivered one shock after another. The election of an authoritarian president. The sudden loss of his mother. A series of debilitating seizures. Now, as America descends into a nightmare, he’s shocked to discover the explanation for his seizures: He’s in the wrong universe.

A drug trial promises to return him to the timeline where he belongs. With his family life strained, his job gone and tanks in the streets, he jumps at the opportunity. But what will he find on the other side?

Take a reality-bending trip filled with surprises and second chances. Visit alternate timelines where life played out very differently, yet one man keeps dying in every one. Explore the roads not taken. Question the nature of fate. And find an answer to the biggest question of all: in a world that feels like it’s spinning out of control, what would it take for one person to make a difference?

Now an international Amazon bestseller, Branches is at once a cerebral page-turner and a deeply personal journey through fear, grief and redemption.

First in a series.

The Calling (Finding Humanity Series) 

Humanity’s wake-up call. Answer it or face extinction.When Bleu’s little sister shows symptoms of the deadly Sickness, a strange vision directs him to leave humanity’s subterranean haven and seek the cure on Earth’s glacial surface. Joining the expedition team, Bleu expects extreme temperatures, not a surface ruled by ingenious predators.Rana and her fellow star beings have co-existed with Earth’s top carnivores since the humans disappeared. But when her peers transform into Crowned Ones, the final stage of star being development, she fears remaining Uncrowned like her parents. To prove her worth, she undertakes a dangerous mission—contacting the hostile and nearly extinct humans.But Rana’s plan backfires, and Bleu’s team retaliates. As war with the more advanced star being civilization looms, both Rana and Bleu separately seek a way to save their people.

We Have Met the Enemy (The Lovelace Trilogy Book 1)

WINNER - 2020 EVVY Award for Science Fiction - 1st Place

In the 31st century, Naiche Decker joined the Uniterrae military seeking revenge for the death of her mother in battle against the Eternals. After being assigned to a deep space mission to root out the enemy’s home world, she finds so much more, questioning if revenge was what she really sought in the first place.

We Have Met the Enemy harkens back to the classic science fiction of Asimov, Clarke and Herbert, but with the richly developed characters of a Roddenberry-esque story.

Felicia Watson crafts a marvel in We Have Met the Enemy. Her ability to employ old-style methods of sci-fi drama with an alien invasion and military response, weave it into a cross-cultural lesson, and add a series of revelations about transformative processes on all sides lend a satisfying depth to the story line. In addition, insights about the terrible price of both revenge and mercy contribute a level of psychological and ethical depth that makes We Have Met the Enemy a superior, engrossing read.

Too many 'military encounter' sci-fi plots fall short of the real draw created by believable protagonists facing their own dilemmas and growth challenges. We Have Met the Enemy offers subplots that are compelling and thoroughly engrossing, placing it more than a cut above most in either military or the sci-fi genre as a whole. - D. Donovan, senior reviewer, Midwest Book Review

I enjoyed We Have Met the Enemy. If you liked Jazz, the protagonist in Artemis by Andy Weir then you will like Naiche Decker. I enjoyed her evolution throughout the book. I started out unsure if I liked her and ended up loving her. – Greg Reviews Sci Fi


This is an updated and expanded second edition with a new beginiing and added scenes.They live among us. They live within us. As entities made of pure energy, the Elbie must have human hosts to survive on Earth. For some people, being a host is a great benefit. For others, it is a nightmare.Lysandra, a headstrong mercenary, gives no thought to either side until she is hired by the Elbie that want her brother. Separated at birth, Lysandra and Brendan grew up living very different lives. She is a successful career criminal and he works for a branch of Homeland Security known as the Department of Planetary Affairs. A reunion is not something she ever wanted and now cannot escape, literally. Esben, the man who hired her, has been an Elbie host for years. Lysandra is important to the Elbie for one reason; they need Brendan and he will do anything for his sister. As Esben attempts to compel Lysandra to their cause, he realizes that while it’s Brendan they need, it’s Lysandra he wants.Lysandra has lived her entire life loyal only to herself, but now, trapped between her brother’s doting attention and Esben’s determined interest, she must choose between saving her brother and betraying him.

Around the Dark Dial

Take a trip around the dark dial with eleven original and thought-provoking short stories that invoke the wonder and mystery of old-time radio dramas. Forget all that you know about modern sci-fi. In Around the Dark Dial, it's all about the unexpected.


Ichor: The ethereal golden fluid that is the blood of the Gods and the Immortals. Said to retain thequalities of the immortal’s food and drink; ambrosia and nectar. Considered golden in color andlethally toxic to mortals.Ichor is a genre-bending, suburban-body-horror/sci-fi novel from debut author A.P. Duvall.

This novel is not for the faint of heart. Ichor is rife with not-so-friendly aliens, time loops, alternate dimensions, mysticism, love, family, reverence for imagination, rock-n-roll, and a decent description on how to carve a whole chicken. 

Readers have called it a "mix of Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk", and "incredibly distressing". 

Read Ichor, and step in a familiar world filled with horrors beyond compare.

A Kingdom In Shards (The Shards of Raeth Book 1)

It was supposed to be a relaxing summer at home. Then a strange package from her aunt reveals a horrible truth that turns Kaya’s world upside down.

A life she doesn’t remember. A world she doesn’t know. What’s a girl to do, except strap on her knife and find the answers for herself!

Please let me know if you pick any of these books up!

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