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Lucy Turns Pages: Book Spotlight: The Storm Curtain: A Story of Sularil by Adam Thomas

Book Spotlight: The Storm Curtain: A Story of Sularil by Adam Thomas


Title: The Storm Curtain: A Story of Sularil
Author: Adam Thomas
Genre: Fantasy
Available on: - (Also free on Kindle Unlimited!)


The Storm Curtain is open. 
The Three Sisters have fallen. 
War has come to Arillon. 

The orcs of Ornak have taken the islands known as the Three Sisters, bringing sudden war to the coast of Arillon. Hopelessly outnumbered, an alliance of humans, dwarves, and elves attempts to slow the orcs’ march towards the immense city of Thousand Spires. How could the small country of Ornak, which clings like a malignant growth to the western edge of the grand island of Sularil, contain such an overwhelming force? This is the question plaguing Sularin general and foot soldier alike. 

Only one person finds herself in a position to learn the answer. New recruit Grail, an elf of the Oruana Kir, is shipwrecked on her way to the front and washes ashore on the coast of Ornak. Will she remain alone to find answers in a hostile land? Or will she return across the sea to join the fight? Whatever she decides, one question haunts Grail more than any other. Why can she not commune with animals, taking their shapes like the rest of her people? 

Enter the world of Sularil with a beautiful tale of friendship, valor, and overcoming shame. 

More about the book

* Strong female lead 
* Normal length novel, not a massive tome 
* Many connections to a larger world in other books 
* Dungeons and Dragons-esque setting 

Content Warning
* One minor torture scene, mostly psychological 
* One traumatic remembrance of a forced breeding program (a male character remembers being forced to provide reproductive material for the program)

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