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Lucy Turns Pages: Indie Showcase #6 Poetry Books

Indie Showcase #6 Poetry Books

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Writers work really hard, pouring all of themselves into creating their passion projects and achieving their dreams. One thing that I want to do is to help authors to reach a wider audience and make more sales. Something very important for all authors, is receiving reviews. Reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, Waterstones and other shop websites help authors to find even more readers. Sometimes authors will run deals such as offering their book for free or for a cheaper price so that readers can access their books and review them for others to find. In these indie showcase posts I am going to share some of these books. Please check out any books that you are interested in and leave reviews online! See other indie showcase posts on my book lists page.

Check out these poetry books by self-published/small press writers!

The Beauty in Breathing: a collection of poetry

The Beauty in Breathing is a collection of poetry about loneliness, pain, hope, love, growth, healing, and trying to see more beauty in the world and in ourselves. It’s about a journey towards a better life.

There are times where we all feel blue and other times where we're so happy we see the vie en rose. The sky of our life is full of these colors, and together they make a beautiful purple sky. "Talking to the moon", the first volume of the Purple Sky series, is a collection a poems related to themes such as grief, heartbreak and how to grow from them, hope for a better future, and love. So much love, for ourselves, and for others.Take on the first step of this dreamy journey; you won't be the same once you're done reading.

The collected published works of poet and writer Sam Rose from 2005 to 2020.

The collection begins with her first published poem, printed in an anthology of love poems at the age of 17, and rounds off with more recent musings about the joys of cheese.

Between lighter reads, Sam Rose navigates early adulthood through the lens of cancer survivorship, with much of the poetry and prose featured tackling themes around illness and trauma, as well as nature.

An offering of hope and compassion for cancer 
survivors, caregivers and medical professionals alike.


"I tease the knots out of my hair
like they’re the ones in my stomach,
remembering with each stroke
an easier existence."

Empowerthy is a collection of poems about being a cancer survivor and living with Lynch syndrome, a genetic condition which makes people more likely to develop certain cancers in their lifetime.

The poems are written to empower and empathise with readers – whether you are a cancer survivor, previvor, or simply a survivor of this world so far.

Linear is a poetic story of recovery. It's triumphant, it's raw, and it's real. Linear shows both the bad days and good days in the mind of someone with mental illness. It is poetically and painfully beautiful, because after all, healing isn't linear.

The Many Personalities of Me

** content warning. This book discusses mature themes such as mental health, suicide, self harm, and depression. Comprised of poems hand chosen by the author, The Many Personalities of Me tells a story of struggle, triumph, heartache and above all perseverance. Stories and poems based on first hand experience from my every day life living with mental illness.

Warm Cinnamon Rolls on Sunday Morning

No matter how much money there was, there was always something baking at Laura S. Tarasoff's childhood home. Concoctions from flour, sugar and butter went a long way to filling their home with wondrous aromas that relieved the stress of life.The simple pleasures of joy and hope found in the small, still moments, can be found throughout Warm Cinnamon Rolls on Sunday Morning. Laura S. Tarasoff reaches out a hand of friendship and welcomes the reader to find connection with a familiar memory. She hopes that you find here a poem that touches the heart and stirs the spirit in the still small way to lift the reader up and find their way to a path of light and hope.

The Cuddle Puddle: A Picture and Poetry Book

The Cuddle Puddle contains a collection of kitten photographs and poetry that is perfect for the entire family. Many of the kittens featured were once part of a rescue and now have loving forever homes. We hope you find them a cute as we do.

The Dream is Free but the Hustle is Sold Separately: A collection of poems and thoughts

A collection of poetry and thoughts.

The inspiring poems are an introspective portrayal of deeper feelings of melancholy, confusion, hope, self-love, healing, wholeness, and empowerment. The verses capture both the transient and the prevailing emotions through a vulnerable lens, using a powerful and electrifying nuanced artistic expression. A rejuvenating, poignant, lyrical reflection of trauma liberation during humanity's evolution.

Ananda: Poetry for the Soul

Ananda, the bliss within, is an inspirational poetic sonata for the evolution of the Soul. With harmonic verses, each healing poem provides therapeutic, meditative, and transformative reading for self mastery. A handbook for the wellbeing of the Soul, with messages of hope and transcendence imbues each page and highlights the interconnectedness of humanity. “When we operate from the space of heart-centered consciousness, every Soul becomes our mirror and our teacher. We are all connected within this web of radiant life force energy called Love.” —Lali A. Love

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