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Lucy Turns Pages: Lucy's Media Challenge: Beat the Anxiety Over Watching New Things Update 1

Lucy's Media Challenge: Beat the Anxiety Over Watching New Things Update 1

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Hi everyone! So something that might be familiar to some of you is the avoidance of wanting to watch new films or TV shows due to the familiarity and comfort of watching things you've seen before. Well, this year I decided to challenge myself to watch some popular TV shows I haven't seen before and to catch up on more recent films that I haven't seen.

Here's some of my list so far, please let me know if you think of anything else I should add:

TV shows

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
What If...
Gilmore Girls
Vampire Diaries


Black Widow
Ant Man and the Wasp
All of the new Spiderman films
Disney films

So far, I have watched the first episode of Gilmore Girls and started Buffy. 

I liked Gilmore Girls but didn't feel a particular pull to watch more episodes, although I am going to when I feel like watching something chill and more contemporary. 

I am excited to watch more of Buffy. Charmed was one of my favourite shows and Buffy gives me definite Charmed vibes. 

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  1. I think this is a really cool idea because I also shy away from watching new shows. Definitely going to give it a shot :)

    Lauren //

  2. Gilmore Girls is one of my favorites. I just started watching it last year. I'm curious what you think as you watch more.