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Lucy Turns Pages: Free Books on Kindle Unlimited #1

Free Books on Kindle Unlimited #1

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Hi everyone! Welcome to a new series on my blog where I share books by self-published/small press authors that are free on Kindle Unlimited! Kindle Unlimited is a service where you can get a free trial and then you pay each month and receive unlimited access to millions of ebooks! I'd highly recommend if you love reading ebooks. So let's take a look at some indie books that you can read on Kindle Unlimited.

The Fast Little Fox

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure through the forest? Follow the fast little fox as he discovers more than he can imagine along the way! What will he learn? Can he make it home in time for supper? Read on to find out!

The Hush Society Presents...

Cameron dives into the world of secret shows & a spontaneous summer tour to face his biggest rival: himself.

One night, Cameron and his best friends, Benji and Eric, fellow musicians themselves, stumble upon a series of underground live music shows called The Hush Society. There they find a community of new musicians who inspire each other and help one another succeed—in music and life. Cameron is instantly drawn to the community—and its founder, Cassie, an enigmatic, artistic wild spirit.

When Cassie invites Cameron and his mates to join The Hush Society's summer tour, he decides to give his passion a go one last time. But Cameron sees this as his last shot and feels he must commit fully—sans safety net—if he wants to make it in music. So he does the unthinkable: he drops out of University. Even if his bean-counting father already put in the down payment. Even if it dents his parents' fragmented relationship further. Even if his Dad’s ultimatum (go to Uni or don't ever come home) scares the hell out of him. Will Cameron finally be able to overcome the part of him ruled by fear? Or will he destroy his chances of success, his friendship with his best mates, and ultimately return his doomed life in Beverley?


Lea Wylder has spent so long hunting werewolves that now one is stalking her in her sleep. In the unforgiving forests of the north, shape-shifting wolves have enslaved the sole human city for hundreds of miles, driving survivors up into the mountains. When Lea tracks a shifter and finds him caught in a trap, she’s convinced he’s the white wolf from her dreams. Not that it matters. He’s one of them. And they’re at war.But as Lea pulls back the bowstring, Henrik shifts to human and begs her not to shoot. By name. But how could he possibly know her? In twenty years, the wolves have never crossed the river over to their side.Injured and unable to walk, Henrik needs Lea’s help to get back home. If he could be turned against the pack, it could change the course of the war. But first there’s the small problem of returning him to the wolves—without getting caught.

Cauldron's Bubble (Netherfeld Trilogy Book 1)

A magical bubble transports Alda through time and place to a realm of witches and curses, pirates and princes, and the lost worlds of Shakespeare. She, along with a cabin boy called Dreng, must navigate the conflicts and characters of Macbeth, Hamlet, and The Tempest. But will they escape with their lives? Or will they become lost and forgotten?

Branches: A Novel of Other Timelines


This isn’t your life.
This isn’t your timeline.
And there’s a way out.

A mindbending page-turner in the tradition of Dark Matter and The Midnight Library, this surprise Amazon bestseller will make you question everything you know.

“A powerful piece of inventive and topical science fiction [that] will undoubtedly resonate with readers in a way that many stories reach for, but few achieve.” –The BookLife Prize

For one man, the past few years have delivered one shock after another. The election of an authoritarian president. The sudden loss of his mother. A series of debilitating seizures. Now, as America descends into a nightmare, he’s shocked to discover the explanation for his seizures: He’s in the wrong universe.

A drug trial promises to return him to the timeline where he belongs. With his family life strained, his job gone and tanks in the streets, he jumps at the opportunity. But what will he find on the other side?

Take a reality-bending trip filled with surprises and second chances. Visit alternate timelines where life played out very differently, yet one man keeps dying in every one. Explore the roads not taken. Question the nature of fate. And find an answer to the biggest question of all: in a world that feels like it’s spinning out of control, what would it take for one person to make a difference?

Now an international Amazon bestseller, Branches is at once a twisty cerebral drama and a deeply personal journey through fear, grief and redemption.

First in a series.

The Cursed Item Merchant: A Young Adult Fantasy of Cursed Enchanting Tales

The cursed items are powerful... But not as strong as their friendship.

Menda spent her whole childhood living a simple life in the village. A serene and happy existence surrounded by the love of her family and friends. But all changed on one perilous evening when the blight of the Dark Dragon emerged, raining fire down upon the people of her home.

In a chance encounter, a cursed coat binds to her as a power source saving the town by absorbing the fire of the dragon’s breath. Fulfilling her part of the deal, Menda's life changes forever. After a separation and a reunion the two learn to become friends.

Together, they journey the land discovering other cursed items and finding opportunities for the mysterious artifact to find mighty attachments just like theirs…

An illustrated fantasy packed full of stories of cursed items that will entwine and wrap around the reader. For Young Adults, New Adults, and Adults. A low Fantasy tale with beautifully drawn illustrations not to be missed.

Grab your copy of “The Cursed Item Merchant” Now and find out how indestructible a friendship can be.

The Curse's Light

Skylar Prescott is the only girl who knows the truth about their small little town. The town of Lawnsdale is cursed. No one believes the town's crazy girl. Until a strange boy finds himself thrown into the town, and now he can't leave. With Will by her side, Skylar may be able to finally figure out the missing details of the curse, including who's behind it. As Skylar and Will get closer, they can finally uncover all the secrets. But Skylar may find out how she's truly connected to this.

Jasmine Perez and the Wicked Sorceress (Jasmine Perez Series Book 1)

This is a story about Jasmine Perez. She is the Princess of one of the many Kingdoms in that Realm. But one day, a Wicked Sorceress kidnapped her people, including her father, the King. Jasmine has to leave her Palace, even though she has never left the Kingdom walls, along with two servants and her fiancé. They go on a long journey and find something that can help the on their mission, and find people who can help them as Jasmine practices her newly discovered magic. There is love, hate, adventure, action, anticipation, and lots of magic. Will she be able to stop arguing with her companions long enough to stay focused? Will she be able to defeat Lilac and save her people? Watch as Jasmine figures out who she is in time to save her Kingdom, and her entire Realm.

Joss Paper: And Other Horror Stories

Terror lurks in the prettiest places.

Holiday destinations. Sun-drenched beaches. Pristine rainforests. But what comes out to play when the sun sets? Vengeful spirits. Malignant ghosts. Horrific creatures from Asian folklore. Sometimes the old wives’ tales are real.

East meets West in this collection of seven short horror stories set in the United States and Southeast Asia.

American ghost hunters investigate a tropical island with a dark past …

A man returns to a Thai resort that was devastated by the 2004 tsunami …

A woman travels to Singapore to claim her inheritance after her father dies in a freak accident …

And more …

Children of the Outback (Tales From the Outback)

Sometimes those with the worst reputation are your best chance at survival.

A long-ago civil conflict has left Australia divided into two societies, the urbanized New Australian Republic to the east and the rural Outback to the west, separated by the now electrified dog fence. Elite dark magic wielders maintain order in the Outback while slaver gangs patrol the border searching for trespassers to capture and add to the slave trade.

Grace Walker has become one of those slaves. Captured at a young age, she has spent the past four years confined to a slave camp, but now it’s her time to become a part of the trade. If that wasn’t bad enough, she finds herself at the mercy of “one of the greatest torturers in the Outback”.

Skar Shepard has always walked a dangerous path, but entering into a deal with a Republic soldier isn’t just dangerous. For a magic wielder, it’s outright suicidal, but his conscience won’t let him refuse. Now, he’s forced to uphold his end of the bargain while the soldier struggles to follow through on his end.

Rudolfus Lesikar is no stranger to darkness. Born into a family infamous for their work with torture magic, he’s used to people regarding him with fear. But, when the evil and trauma from his past threatens his future, he can either face it or try to run from it.

The 13th Zodiac: Book One

The 13th Zodiac is a High Fantasy, slow-burn romance with a hint of Anime. Originally, L. Krauch wrote it as a comic book in High school. Now, 20 years, and three kids later, she sat down and wrote a novel. So, grab some tea, slice up an apple, and enjoy this mulit-PoV journey 20 years in the making.

Running from his past finally catches up to Jase Raion, an ex-member of the Ashen Guard and the Crown Prince of Chall. After settling on the island of Aria, he receives an unexpected contract: The lost princess of Aria was discovered living in the port town of Brighton, on the outskirts of the island Kingdom.

A trip to the markets in Brighton ends abruptly as Liya Fairaway stumbles into Jase. She vanishes in the busy marketplace when Jase realizes who she is, the lost princess of Aria and the bearer of the 13th Zodiac: Eternity. And his target.

Something ancient pulls them together, a bond that neither can deny. Reluctantly at first, Jase joins Liya and the other Zodiac to end the threat of Soren Raion, the King of Chall.

Time is not on their side, and Fate has other plans.

This book tells the story of Kamala’s quest for answers. Growing up in Belgium, India and the Netherlands, she is a third culture kid (TCK); a cultural chameleon. Kamala seeks to unravel the meaning of citizenship and the ability to belong to a community. She gains a deeper understanding of herself, while travelling through the South American continent and further beyond through the splendours and perils of the Silk Road. Exploring her boundaries, she soaks up new cultures, discovering what joins us as humans. During this process she also deciphers what the future has in store for her and her family. Kamala’s mantra becomes: trust a stranger and new doors open. Coming of age and seeing the world through personal interactions and intercultural mingling, this is the essence of Colours of a Cultural Chameleon.

Do you have Kindle Unlimited? Let me know if you read any of these books! If you're an author and your book is on Kindle Unlimited, please feel free to link it in this thread and it might be included in another post in this series!

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  1. Great post! Interesting indie reads!

    Thank you for including my books! It means a lot!

  2. I had no idea this was available for Kindle. The 13th Zodiac looks extremely interesting.

  3. Awesome book suggestions, I don't have kindle but will save these for the future.

  4. I got a free trial of Kindle Unlimited last year and ended up keeping it! There are so many excellent books.
    I particularly love LJ Ross and Rachel McLean for crime fiction, and I have a love/hate obsession with Zodiac Academy for paranormal romance.
    Cora |

  5. Ooh I don't have Kindle Unlimited anymore but I might just have to subscribe again! Branches sounds incredible - can't wait to see what else you recommend!
    Saph x