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Lucy Turns Pages: Free Books on Kindle Unlimited #3

Free Books on Kindle Unlimited #3

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Hi everyone! Welcome back or welcome to the series on my blog where I share books by self-published/small press authors that are free on Kindle Unlimited! Kindle Unlimited is a service where you can get a free trial and then you pay each month and receive unlimited access to millions of ebooks! I'd highly recommend if you love reading ebooks. See the other parts of this series for more free books on Kindle Unlimited! 

So let's take a look at some more indie books that you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Child of Fire and Earth

"I loved this book! A wonderful and engaging page turner aimed at children/young teens that is full of great characters and imagery but also contains lots of important and positive messages!" - Owen Hollifield

Hew had always dreamt of being a knight. Take that, villain! Yes, princess, of course I'll rescue you. Thank you, your Majesty, yes I am great with a sword. Unfortunately, being a farmer's son made that dream impossible. Real life was more about cleaning animal mess and checking for weeds.

Until he met the dragon.It opened up a hidden world of magic around him. Faeries. Hobgoblins. Monsters, shape changers, brownies; you name them, he met them.

But there was a problem.

A blight to the north was making magic fade from the Earth. If it disappeared completely, then everyone would freeze to death.

Yes, that included Hew's annoying little sister, but even she didn’t deserve to be frozen. He would have to be brave and defeat this blight. The question was…

What could a nearly eleven-year-old do?

The Drift

In a future where the human race has split into three species, the mentally-evolved Illuminatos have conquered the other two in a brutal Evolutionary War. Now, the seven most powerful Illuminatos, the Council, control the Earth, ruling over the other two human species through violent oppression.

As one of the defeated physically-evolved Corporis, Samara lost everything: her family, her freedom, and her will to fight. But when her master, Lord Wyatt Faraday, commands her to find the mysterious leader of the Resistance, Tristan, everything she thought she knew is challenged.

Tristan is an Illuminatos who has turned his back on his own kind to follow his principles. An idealist hoping to restore peace and equality for all species, he cannot escape his past, and it may force him to make a terrible choice.

Their meeting will change the world, but will it be for the better?

David And Bath Sheba

Aida Bode's David and Bath-Sheba, is a wonderfully written adaptation of the Biblical story of David, the shepherd boy who rose to be King of Israel. King David's great devotion to God's Law is severely challenged when he has an adulterous affair with Bath-Sheba, the beautiful wife of one of David's most able and trusted military leaders.

The Terms and Conditions Trilogy

An accidental spell changed Ellyria's life forever. Now irrevocably bound to a demon, she must learn to live with the consequences of her actions and come to terms with the fact that she has a one way ticket to Hell imprinted on her soul, but she has bigger problems to deal with when her new companion reveals that she is being hunted for her powerful magic.

Zangrunath hates being the servant to a mere teenager, but, due to the conditions of the spell she cast, he does his duty, defending the witch with his life. He helps protect her from enemies in high places, and makes sure that all of her desires become attainable. What he didn’t expect was to become romantically involved with the woman and for her to broker a deal in order to have him at her side for eternity.

Keeping the secrets of magic becomes the least of their concerns as they navigate through a lifetime of sin, treachery, and pain that could rival that of the Devil himself.

When she cast the first spell, Ellyria should have read the Terms and Conditions.

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – except for Harold Trapp. With sales numbers plummeting, he and his company rush plans to create the perfect Christmas gift: the Hans and Heidi dolls. But with a tight deadline hanging over their heads, stress is a frequent visitor. As are the two cats that mysteriously appear on his doorstep. But there’s something sinister hiding behind their sweet and furry demeanor. And the town of Oakridge comes to know it well.When the Christmas lights shine and the snow falls heavy, something awakens. Something dark and ancient. Cold. And with it, unspeakable terrors are born. From legends of old black trains to holiday satyrs and straw goats of yore, the winter wind lurks in the deepest of shadows. Hungry for flesh. Waiting for the darkness to return.The spirit of the season is far more than Harold Trapp bargained for.

The Universe Thru My Eyes

Born in Miami, Florida, Stacii (Rice) was raised by a single dad in Liberty City, a survivor of the struggle. He came from an abusive childhood, full of tragic deaths, starting with the death of his Canadian mother by the hand of his father’s estranged wife to a little brother taking his own life to avoid another beating. A natural-born leader, Stacii came up with a master plan at the age of five to run away from home. He would end up in foster care, then back home with his father. Stacii, a talented teenage boy, had dreams of becoming an NFL superstar. His life took a dramatic turn when ran from home as a teen and ended up homeless, living on rooftops, benches, and the closet of a friend. Stacii was tired of this life and decided to make something happen. He took on his leadership role. He gathered some of his homies and came up with a “get money making” plan. They couldn’t resist. It was then that Stacii’s life totally changed. He began living a life of committing violent crimes and terrorizing the streets of Miami. Stacii and his crew would survive the life of poverty by any means necessary. This lifestyle landed Stacii on the run, from the Canadian border to a detention center in Maine, then back to Miami. Once released to his father’s custody, Stacii went on another crime spree. Stacii ended up living in Providence, Rhode Island, where he met his girlfriend Taz, whom he fell in love with. This started a new wave in Stacii’s life. Back in Miami, Stacii continued his life of violent crimes even after promising his girlfriend CeCe he would stop. With wanted posters plastered all over his Carol City neighborhood, homicide detectives all over his loved ones’ houses, and a $2,500 reward for his capture, he was on the run again. The only place to run was to Providence, where Taz welcomed Stacii with in no questions asked. After a few stumbles, Stacii headed back in Miami. That’s when it all goes down. When handcuffs were placed on his wrists by the Miami police, all loyalty among friends was no more.

Secrets of Tanoria: The Crystal Warrior

The first in a series of fantasy novels filled with magic and adventure, Secrets of Tanoria: The Crystal Warrior features a woman on a desperate quest to save her order from corruption.

Aria is the oldest living member of the Order of the Shard. Possessing deadly sword skills and superhuman abilities, she has dedicated her life to eradicating shard-beasts—monsters threatening Tanoria and its people. Despite Aria's youthful appearance, her time is dwindling. The source of her power, a crystal embedded in her hand, will eventually transform her into a shard-beast. When Aria agrees to act as a guide for two strangers—a shapeshifter and a young leader with telepathic powers—she discovers that much of her life has been a lie. Racing against an encroaching fate, Aria must fight the inevitable before it's too late.

Like all good high fantasy books, Secrets of Tanoria: The Crystal Warrior is an epic story about questioning the past, accepting change, and answering destiny's call.

Stealing Magic

Miranda is being sent away for school. Not to learn, but to steal magic from her supposed peers. That summer, her family went to the Demon Caves, and she and several family members contacted a deadly disease. They poured that disease into her twin brother, and now, for the first time, Miranda has taken off her mask and entered the world by herself.

She tries to create a personality unobtrusive but unlikable enough for her to go through school unnoticed and unbothered, but instead she became the campus bad girl. Complete with minions.

Soon, demons start to appear in her new school, and any hope of normalcy is lost with them. Why couldn't she have pretended to be a normal person for once? And why are these pretend minions starting to feel more like friends and family than anyone actually related to her?

Celestials: Stars Begin to Burn

Riley Madison is a Shifter, one of the human population born with the ability to transform into the animal they most closely resemble: their spirit animal. Knowing your spirit animal means knowing what kind of person you are. Most Shifters identify their spirit animal by their teens. Riley is approaching seventeen and still doesn’t know hers; a fact that’s beginning to worry her. She befriends Tristan Dawes, another Shifter in the same situation, and quickly finds their fates are connected when she sees an outline of a star in his eyes. A man named Christopher has a master plan for the three Shifters marked by the stars in their eyes. He needs them to identify their spirit animals in order to bring about his life’s work, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make them. At first he tries subtlety. When that fails, he targets Riley’s family. As Riley grows closer to identifying her spirit animal, her mother receives a cryptic phone call and disappears to find her father. The Shifters draw closer to war with Elementalists (humans with the ability to control one of the elements) and Riley finds herself fighting for the first time in her life – against Elementalists, Shifters, and even her own family.

A Tooth Fairy's Promise (Osseous Book 1) 

Who needs detective skills when you can track down missing children by swallowing their lost teeth?

PI Tiffemory Greenstone treats each missing person case like she would her own child. But when Mallory Sanderson is kidnapped for the second time, Tiff takes it especially personally. It's hard not to when the kidnapping is her fault.

Jeck, the rogue fairy she banished six months prior, has returned and is seeking revenge. In a world that believes the tooth fairy is only a myth, Tiff is the only one who can stop him.

But finding her nemesis will be an uphill battle. And facing a foe who's more than her equal may cost Tiff her life. The other option is watching the city's youths disappear one at a time.

Gone to the Movies

Dustin's marriage has hit a rough patch. He is struggling to cope with his wife's severe anxiety and high-functioning depression, and he's concerned about how this rift will affect their adopted son Damon. A mild-mannered carpenter, Dustin isn't sure how to communicate with his wife about his struggles anymore, and decides some time away will benefit everyone.

"Gone to the Movies" tells the story of Dustin and Damon moving to a rural town that's been badly damaged by wild fires. They meet Hope, an injured stray dog from the drive-in movie theater, and this fateful encounter completely changes their reason for being in this new place. Hope and a supportive cast of new friends and acquaintances ultimately give Dustin the tools he needs to heal and find a path forward with his wife Holly.

Set in the mid-nineties, this slice-of-life story reminds us why we love dogs so much and how they help us through life's ups and downs. Immerse yourself in a rich farm-town aesthetic while you discover the backstory of Hope the dog and how she survived on her own before meeting Dustin and Damon.

Club Medusa

After a tragic end to their military careers, Gerry and Paul have rebuilt their lives as civilians. Two years later, it now seems the spectres of their past are finally beginning to fade. However, when Gerry has a crisis, a simple plan is agreed: meet up in Edinburgh’s Old Town, visit some old haunts, drink beer, talk things through - then go home. What could possibly go wrong?
More than anyone could imagine… Drawn into a senseless brawl outside a night club, both men soon find themselves running for their lives through twisting closes in the oldest and most unpredictable part of town. A chance meeting in a side street leads to an offer of refuge as guests in a private club under an old tenement building - but this party isn’t what it seems. They don’t let just anyone in, nothing is really ‘on the house’, and before long these two ex-soldiers realise all the horrors of war are nothing compared to what lies ahead for them in Club Medusa…

Please let me know if you pick any of these books up!

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