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Lucy Turns Pages: 5 Indie Books to Read! #1

5 Indie Books to Read! #1

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Something that I am working hard on at the moment is promoting books by self-published and small press authors. Amazing books that tend not to be given as much credit as they deserve. This series is where I showcase 5 books by indie authors. Some of the books will be written by my Ko-Fi members who receive ongoing priority promotion from me. Check them out!

The Fast Little Fox (The Fast Little Fox & Friends)

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure through the forest? Follow the fast little fox as he discovers more than he can imagine along the way! What will he learn? Can he make it home in time for supper? Read on to find out!

This is an adorable and educational children's book that I have also reviewed on my blog.

Cameron dives into the world of secret shows & a spontaneous summer tour to face his biggest rival: himself. 

One night, Cameron and his best friends, Benji and Eric, fellow musicians themselves, stumble upon a series of underground live music shows called The Hush Society. There they find a community of new musicians who inspire each other and help one another succeed—in music and life. Cameron is instantly drawn to the community—and its founder, Cassie, an enigmatic, artistic wild spirit. When Cassie invites Cameron and his mates to join The Hush Society's summer tour, he decides to give his passion a go one last time. But Cameron sees this as his last shot and feels he must commit fully—sans safety net—if he wants to make it in music. So he does the unthinkable: he drops out of University. Even if his bean-counting father already put in the down payment. Even if it dents his parents' fragmented relationship further. Even if his Dad’s ultimatum (go to Uni or don't ever come home) scares the hell out of him. Will Cameron finally be able to overcome the part of him ruled by fear? Or will he destroy his chances of success, his friendship with his best mates, and ultimately return his doomed life in Beverley?

A contemporary young adult novel about music, friendship and pursuing one's dreams.

Ranked on Amazon as a #1 New Release in the Teen & Young Adult Music eBooks category.

Branches: A Novel


This isn’t your life.
This isn’t your timeline.
And there’s a way out.

A mindbending page-turner in the tradition of Dark Matter and The Midnight Library, this surprise Amazon bestseller will make you question everything you know..

“A powerful piece of inventive and topical science fiction [that] will undoubtedly resonate with readers in a way that many stories reach for, but few achieve.” –The BookLife Prize

For one man, the past few years have delivered one shock after another. The election of an authoritarian president. The sudden loss of his mother. A series of debilitating seizures. Now, as America descends into a nightmare, he’s shocked to discover the explanation for his seizures: He’s in the wrong universe.

A drug trial promises to return him to the timeline where he belongs. With his family life strained, his job gone and tanks in the streets, he jumps at the opportunity. But what will he find on the other side?

Take a reality-bending trip filled with surprises and second chances. Visit alternate timelines where life played out very differently, yet one man keeps dying in every one. Explore the roads not taken. Question the nature of fate. And find an answer to the biggest question of all: in a world that feels like it’s spinning out of control, what would it take for one person to make a difference?

Now an international Amazon bestseller, Branches is at once a twisty cerebral drama and a deeply personal journey through fear, grief and redemption.

First in a series.

The Curse's Light Volume 1

Skylar Prescott is the only girl who knows the truth about their small little town. The town of Lawnsdale is cursed. No one believes the town's crazy girl. Until a strange boy finds himself thrown into the town, and now he can't leave. With Will by her side, Skylar may be able to finally figure out the missing details of the curse, including who's behind it. As Skylar and Will get closer, they can finally uncover all the secrets. But Skylar may find out how she's truly connected to this.

Jasmine Perez and the Wicked Sorceress (Jasmine Perez Series)

This is a story about Jasmine Perez. She is the Princess of one of the many Kingdoms in that Realm. But one day, a Wicked Sorceress kidnapped her people, including her father, the King. Jasmine has to leave her Palace, even though she has never left the Kingdom walls, along with two servants and her fiancé. They go on a long journey and find something that can help the on their mission, and find people who can help them as Jasmine practices her newly discovered magic. There is love, hate, adventure, action, anticipation, and lots of magic. Will she be able to stop arguing with her companions long enough to stay focused? Will she be able to defeat Lilac and save her people? Watch as Jasmine figures out who she is in time to save her Kingdom, and her entire Realm.

Please let me know if you pick any of these books up!

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