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Lucy Turns Pages: Free Books on Kindle Unlimited #2

Free Books on Kindle Unlimited #2

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Hi everyone! Welcome back or welcome to the series on my blog where I share books by self-published/small press authors that are free on Kindle Unlimited! Kindle Unlimited is a service where you can get a free trial and then you pay each month and receive unlimited access to millions of ebooks! I'd highly recommend if you love reading ebooks. See part 1 of this series for more free books on Kindle Unlimited! 

So let's take a look at some more indie books that you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited.

A Heart Made of Gold

Her hands are blessed with the power to transform anything she touches into gold. A single mindless touch changes the course of her life forever.

After her husband’s sudden death, Queen Kalyca of Aristos must protect herself and the vacant throne from a tyrant hellbent on becoming king. With the help of newfound allies—a divine-borne, a flirtatious hero, a famous strongwoman, and a determined youth—she finds all the strength she needs to survive in a cruel world where gods are eager to play behind the scenes.

The Mourning Rose

Manners meet magic in this tale, where curses mix with curtseys, and Charm takes on a whole new dimension Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen fans will love this romantic fantasy, set in a Regency that never was.

Eglantine Mayland is this Season’s Reigning Toast, and seems destined to make a good marriage. When the wealthy Lord Valremer, a confirmed bachelor, begins to court her seriously, Eglantine’s cousin Polyantha senses that not all is well. Too many of his actions seem to be part of a web of evil that twines itself around the Mayland family.

And why is a well-known rogue and smuggler so interested in their plight?

A Glade of Elves

From the Award winning author of "Time Stands Still: La Sombra"," A Glade of Elves" :In a world of magic, in a place out of time, Elven 'Lead' Zoe and her small Elven Guard encounters a curious other-world human Wizard with strange magical powers that rivals their own. He comes from a world outside their own. nor did they know that such a thing was possible.. The Wizard had magic no human in their world of 'Pan' should have. The Wizard's quest, soon becomes theirs too. They must help rescue this Wizard's kidnapped people from his world, held captive in theirs, to help avert a future war in their Elven Glade, a future war they can't win. They must stop it now. They must put themselves at risk and peril. They must succeed or perish trying.

Time Stands Still: La Sombra

In a twist of fate, a young Latina girl acquires a strange gift and can control time only for herself.

Penny reminds us, "Time is strange, and I would have thought it had many paths, but for some reason, you can't go back. My path lead to ruin."

Penny's only hope, she thought, was to steal a "Time Machine" and go to an unknown future where she finds things become more terrible than she ever thought possible.

Penny then takes the time to tell us her story. With the nature of what time is,the trip can only lead one way. There is no path back home.

Bemused (When Muses Misbehave)

Even the Greek Gods need time off… Hedone, Goddess of Pleasure and daughter to Eros and Psyche, wants to give her parents the perfect dinner for their anniversary and maybe save their marriage. But Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, wants more money and her plan is to keep her son working, even if it means getting rid of Psyche... especially if it means getting rid of Psyche! Hedone despises the self-absorbed Aphrodite. She refuses to let her grandmother drive a wedge between her parents. It's Aphrodite vs. Hedone, which love goddess will win? Bemused is the prequel novella in the series When Muses Misbehave by L. W. Lowe.

Masquerade in Chaos: Kable VonSable (Choosing Chaos Book 1)

Hi, my name is Kable VonSable. I own a local shop and I'm a practicing Chaotian. That's Chaos magic user for those that don't know. I live in City 7, Southeast, United States. My shop, Tea Leaves and Tomes, also sells potions and other things. If you're ever in the area you should stop by.

So, I'm about to turn thirty and suddenly the whole universe seems bent on stirring my potion pot. My mother is planning a birthday party, my dead best friend is popping up, my cousin is playing matchmaker, and, oh yeah, someone is trying to kill me. My life is pretty full at the moment and I have to figure out who is going to kill me and when I'm going to die; preferably before, I, ya know, die.

Flashbacks: (an unreliable memoir of the '60s)

A collection of memories about growing up hippie in Toronto, during one of the most interesting periods of the 20th century. Not to mention the sex, drugs and rock and roll…

Morgan Smith was only twelve during the Summer of Love, but her parents had plunged headlong into the Age of Aquarius, and she was no mere bystander. From paisley shirts to protest rallies and from Be-Ins to hash brownies, she lived through one of the most ground-breaking and outright joyous periods of the 20th century as a participant, and through her memories, she shares what it was like to watch the world change.

Extremes: Couples

Coming forth from the shadows is another deranged instalment of the Extremes series, chasing after those that beat a bloody path before it.
This time around it is Couples being driven to all manner of Extremes to contend with a horror show of nightmare situations and circumstances.
Genuine couples, prospective couples, happy couples, unhappy couples. Would-be couples, never will be couples, friends, unusual duos. Good pairings, bad pairings.
All of them are about to be propelled into dark places and horrifying scenarios where calling upon extreme behaviour is the only answer, and even that is no guarantee of survival.
The newest addition to the escalating Extremes universe throws myriad couples into worlds of horror where darkness dwells, pain reigns supreme, and all hope goes to die.
These are tales of bloodshed and brutality, depravity and dread, terror and twisted souls.
After all, what’s better than forcing one character to go to Extremes? Taking Couples and making them go to Extremes together.

The Goddess's Binding (Chronicles of Azaria The Goddess Saga Book 1)

Cursed by the Goddess, a healer’s daughter must fight for her freedom…even if it means unleashing a forbidden power that could destroy her.

Seventeen-year-old Eliza dreams of becoming a healer. Yet over her shoulder looms the Binding; an ancient spell that can seize anyone’s heart against their will. It already took her sister, and she’ll do anything to avoid the same fate.

Her nightmare is realised when an accident strands her with Ryan, a bounty hunter on the run. Now Eliza has no choice but to join his game of cat and mouse.

As a relentless tracker edges ever nearer, a blood-thirsty cult hungers for revenge, and her own feelings turn against her, Eliza must find a way to break free.

But overcoming a thousand-year magic has a price.

The kingdom…or her life.

The Coming Storm

Elon of Aerilann, Elven advisor to the High King and Council, negotiated the treaty between his people, Dwarves, and Men. He suddenly finds that fragile truce under threat by an unknown enemy. Ailith, Heir to Riverford, may hold the key. Can he convince King and Council to act before it's too late? At what cost...?

A Trashy Pirate Romance

Paid to be taken away by her greed-ridden aunt, Charlie planned to use the situation of her forced marriage to the pirate captain's son to her advantage. Unfortunately, some plans go the way of the wind and waves, with greed and lust walking hand in hand.

A Trashy Medieval Romance

Lust and love are such fickle things. One day you are pursued by one, the next day, the other pounces. Teagan dedicated her life to the care of the war orphans in her kingdom, thinking only of them until she is forced to do otherwise.

Do you have Kindle Unlimited? Let me know if you read any of these books! If you're an author and your book is on Kindle Unlimited, please feel free to link it in this thread and it might be included in another post in this series!

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