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Lucy Turns Pages: Indie Showcase #8 Horror Books

Indie Showcase #8 Horror Books

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Welcome to another indie showcase post where I share some books written by self-published/small press authors! See all previous posts on my indie books page. Today we are looking at indie horror books!

Into the Uncanny: 12 Tales of Terror

In every corner, something dark and unsettling lurks in the shadows. Waiting. From mysterious murderers to ancient forest spirits, the world of horror never strays far from home. Dorian J. Sinnott brings the shadows and what hides within closer in 12 original chilling tales. Open up, turn the page, and take a step into the darkness, into the unknown, and into the uncanny.


It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – except for Harold Trapp. With sales numbers plummeting, he and his company rush plans to create the perfect Christmas gift: the Hans and Heidi dolls. But with a tight deadline hanging over their heads, stress is a frequent visitor. As are the two cats that mysteriously appear on his doorstep. But there’s something sinister hiding behind their sweet and furry demeanor. And the town of Oakridge comes to know it well.When the Christmas lights shine and the snow falls heavy, something awakens. Something dark and ancient. Cold. And with it, unspeakable terrors are born. From legends of old black trains to holiday satyrs and straw goats of yore, the winter wind lurks in the deepest of shadows. Hungry for flesh. Waiting for the darkness to return.The spirit of the season is far more than Harold Trapp bargained for.

The Climb: First Steps

A boy with a certain soul traverses high school life while mourning the loss of a parent and slowly reconnecting with another. Still reeling from the death of his late mother, Marc August tries to fit into a new town and home with his over-worked father. Nestled deep in the pacific northwest, the town of Sunset Heights is a place of mystery. Canopied under the chilled northwestern flora. A town without cadence, huddled over by the gray constant cover of clouds. An out-of-the-way hamlet far displaced from the next towns and cities. For those who can find it, a passing waypoint for all the things that go bump in the night. Witness as Marc navigates his way through a myriad of secrets and mysteries hidden in plain sight, all the while trying to lead a normal teenage life, in hopes to live up to his mother's final wishes. First steps Marc stumbles into a series of events that forever and completely change his reality as a simple high school student. The disappearance of certain townsfolk sparks the curiosity of Marc and his group of close friends. When someone close to their circle goes missing, they decide that any gruesome possibility must be faced to find the truth. Inspired by real monsters and cryptid lore from around the globe, The Climb explores several legends and myths, werewolves, vampires, magic, relics, souls, and people of great importance and renown. Witness the first steps of The Climb.

Jade Fall

Lauren and her friends visit an amusement park, Hydro World, located in the Mojave Desert on its opening day. The park is advanced beyond anything Lauren could have imagined—state of the art in a technology that allowed its builders to create whole enclosed ecosystems, mimicking a natural world lost to environmental decay.

Then the Jade Fall happens, an enormous green meteor makes landfall, exploding into blinding emerald light. When the light fades, Lauren has survived, and so has Hydro World, but as she looks around, only two of her friends, Bobby and Lisa, are there—everyone else has vanished.

Lauren and her friends meet more survivors, and it seems only a fraction of parkgoers survived the Jade Fall. Lauren attempts to lead the survivors out of Hydro World, assisted by the park’s central computer, which goes by the name Leviathan. Soon they find the world around them has been altered—often in seemingly impossible ways. Hydro World has become a place where water can burn, gravity can change, and more.

In the gloom of the desolate park, new life begins to assert itself. Some are benignly beautiful, but others are unspeakable abominations with too many eyes and too many mouths. Worse for Lauren, she slowly becomes aware of her own impossible changes to her body, developing frightening powers which she tries to keep hidden from her fellow survivors—at first. With extreme power the others lack, she balances on the edge of survival and becoming yet another of Hydro World’s monsters.

“I’m afraid of the things I can hear, the things I can do. And most of all, I’m afraid that when I’m in the moment doing those things, I’m not afraid at all. I’m afraid that I love it.”


The ethereal golden fluid that is the blood of the Gods and the Immortals. Said to retain thequalities of the immortal’s food and drink; ambrosia and nectar. Considered golden in color andlethally toxic to mortals.Ichor is a genre-bending, suburban-body-horror/sci-fi novel from debut author A.P. Duvall. This novel is not for the faint of heart. Ichor is rife with not-so-friendly aliens, time loops, alternate dimensions, mysticism, love, family, reverence for imagination, rock-n-roll, and a decent description on how to carve a whole chicken. Lisa Gittes has her concerns. The summer after her Senior year should've been reserved for smoking weed, hanging out with her best friend Susie, and getting ready for college in the fall, but now all that has been thrown into disarray. Her dad has stolen her weed, her mom has been losing her memories, and her best friend may have been assaulted at a post-graduation party. Now, she has to figure out what is really happening. Unfortunately, her only lead is the boy accused of the assault and his alibi is his best friend, Hugh Gleason, who fills Lisa with an existential dread, and Lisa can’t put her finger on the reason why. One thing is clear, this summer in Fuller is going to be the worst.Every morning of his eighteenth birthday Hugh Gleason is sent back to his thirteen-year-old body, but retains his memories. This has been going on for way too long, and getting it to stop has been completely futile. At first, he thinks he's crazy but then all his memories play out as he knows they should. He remembers a little girl who was murdered, a gas station attendant who was shot during a robbery, every subject in school he knows like the back of his hand, he can speak in any language, he can play any instrument, but most importantly he remembers Lisa Gittes and the centuries they've spent in love with each other. But something is different now. Subtle changes to the world he knows so well could have huge ramifications. His only question now is, will he live long enough to see the future? Lawernce Merle of the Fuller Sheriff's office is having a terrible week. Maybe the worst of his life. He's trying to remain positive, but thoughts like wishing he was blind, deaf, or mute, keep creeping into his mind. His girlfriend Gloria has recently convinced him to quit smoking, but all he wants is the relief that those coffin-nails would bring him. Between the suicides, homicides, and the disappearances happening in his small beach-town, he is beginning to suspect that there is something larger and horrifying at play. The Ichor has seen the contraction of the universe and all life being wiped out. It's looking for answers to stop that from happening. It has come to Fuller, Florida, a random spot on a new planet, but it looks like Earth is another dead end. It has eradicated planets in the past, traveled the cosmos in search of an answer to a question that no one even knows to ask. It's frustrating being the only known entity to be concerned with the destruction of the cosmos. Earth has a new, untapped resource however: imagination. This new element has incredible potential, and the Ichor will consume all that it can before the population of Earth is devastated and they move on.Everything comes crashing together in Ichor, the debut novel of A.P. Duvall, the most thrilling horror novel this side of reality. Readers have called it a "mix of Stephen King and Chuck Palahniuk", and "incredibly distressing". Read Ichor, and step in a familiar world filled with horrors beyond compare.

Creepy and Scary Tales: A Collection of Short Stories

The perfect spooky short story collection

Do you enjoy creepy and scary stories? Not sure which one to pick? Then this will be the perfect collection for you!

Creepy and Scary Tales: A Collection of Short Stories is filled with brilliantly crafted stories which allows you to choose how quickly you want to read them. From Harry to Andrea, there is something for everyone.

Reuben Shupp has superbly created a fantastic collection of horror stories aimed at kids aged 8-12. Whether you’re looking for a new book or perhaps a present, this book collection is truly spine chilling.

So, what are you waiting for? Delve into a new story collection now!

Murphy's Law for Demons

A Fallen angel and an assassin walk into a bar...

For nearly seventy years, Murphy's had the worst luck any Fallen could ever have. The Collector - a title Murphy never wanted - can't seem to do his job: collect a soul. That's all. One. Soul. And after seventy years, Murphy's not so sure he wants to go back to the Below.

Joy is a practitioner of one of the world's oldest professions. No, not prostitution, although she'd gladly use her body as bait for a target. Murderer-for-hire, assassin, hitwoman - Joy's your lady if the money's right. And if it's someone who really needs killing, she'll even give you a discount.

Brought together by a job and dropped (sans parachutes) into the political machinations of the Above and Below, Murphy and Joy have to decide where their loyalties lie. Something big is coming for them, and the Collector has a job to finish.

Want to make a deal? Don't make it with Murphy!

WARNING: This work is intended for audiences 18+. 

Demons in Cotton

Then in a blink. Nothing is anymore. All becomes Darkness.
A wheezing voice greets me as I awake.
You are no longer worthy of our Light.
With its words, the world explodes in a flood of sparks, and within the sparks, winds whirl around shadows in a shining dance.

Beyond the sparks, Gabriel finds a world of endless happiness.
He finds Kelly.
Kelly on the other hand is unaware of him.
How can he expect anything else?
She is a little girl who loves her teddy bear Chester, and Gabriel is the monster hiding under Chester’s skin.
The world outside of Chester’s glass eyes blooms with beauty, but even heaven has its shadows. As night falls, Nightmares search for hurt children to feed on and the monsters playing in the daylight show the true cruelty of Kelly’s beautiful world.

Can Gabriel save Kelly?
Or will he succumb under the Nightmares’ hungry fangs?

For fans of mysterious grim worlds and heart wrenching horror comes Ben Mire’s debut Demons in Cotton.
Discover a world filled with childish wonder through the eyes of a lost warrior as he follows Kelly through all the spiraling darkness hiding under the surface.


Hungry Cosmos

From the terrifying heights of the mountains to the chilling depths of the ocean, Reed Alexander takes you on four journeys of Lovecraftian cosmic horror with his quadruple novella collection, Hungry Cosmos. One of the brightest and most exciting voices of this sub-genre, Alexander's narratives are cinematic, action packed, and make your skin crawl. St Rooster Books is proud to present this stellar collection!

"Reed masterfully turns his many eyes to the task of morphing eldritch cosmic horror to the task of heart-pounding, adreniline-fueled fear. A master story-teller whose nightmares manifest on the page." -John Baltisberger

Cry on Hallow's Eve

Elena Moreno has lived her entire life in the midst of unexplained screams and terror. But, one Hallow’s Eve, the screams take on a reality that change her life forever.

Interrogation in Room #249

The devil is in the details.

Detective Mike Distefano enters his favorite interrogation room one late night to begin questioning a suspect in a crime.
After sizing each other up, both men try to coax the other into talking about the circumstances that led each of them to the interrogation room.

The suspect prods at Distefano’s sense of accountability seemingly in a gambit to undermine the investigation until the detective is no longer sure of which party is about to be judged; the suspect or himself.

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