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Lucy Turns Pages: Learn for Fun or Professional Development with Skillshare

Learn for Fun or Professional Development with Skillshare

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Are you wanting to learn for fun or professional development? To be able to do a new hobby, get a promotion or change career? Check out Skillshare! I know you've probably seen Skillshare around and so had I. I decided to give it a go and honestly? I'm really enjoying it! I can search a topic, or browse a subject and take a very useful and straight to the point class. 

Each class consists of short videos and there is an optional class project you can do to put into practice what you have learned.

For example, I found a course on Blackout Poetry. Seeing the different ways you can create Blackout Poetry and finding out more about it's history and culture, really inspired me. I'm having a lot of fun being creative this way! Especially as someone who has reduced inspiration for writing traditional poetry recently!

I love the variety of courses on Skillshare. From embroidery to cooking to digital marketing. If there's something you want to know more about, you can probably find it on Skillshare. 

I am extremely motivated and excited to take many more classes on Skillshare! 

Some topics I'm learning (or improving my knowledge and skills with) on Skillshare:

  • Poetry/writing prompts
  • Embroidery
  • Cooking
  • Digital marketing
  • Content creation
  • Drawing

Typically you can get 7 days free but I have a referral link for a 30 day free trial! You can cancel anytime or continue if you'd like to. 

What classes would you like to take? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to know.

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